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33 years

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Q: How long did the colts play for Indianapolis?
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What city do the Indianapolis colts play in?

Since 1984 the Indianapolis Colts play in, you guessed it, Indianapolis.

Where does the Indianapolis colts play?

The Indianapolis Colts play in Lucas Oil Stadium located in downtown Indianapolis, IN.

What city in Indianapolis do the colts play?

Indianapolis IS the city in which the Colts play. It is a city in the State of Indiana.

Who will the Indianapolis Colts play in the second week of the playoffs?

The Indianapolis Colts will play the New York Jets (NYJ).

What city do the Colts play for?


Where do the colts play in the NFL?


What city did the Colts play in before Indianapolis?

The Colts originated in Baltimore and moved to Indianapolis in 1984.

How long did the Indianapolis Colts play in Baltimore?

31 seasons between 1953-1983.

What state is the colts from?

The Colts (NFL team) play for Indianapolis, Indiana.

What city and state do the colts play for?

They are the Indianapolis Colts and they come from Indian

What division is the Indianapolis Colts a part of?

The Colts play in AFC South.

What is the name of the stadiom that the Indianapolis play in?

The Indianapolis Colts play in Lucas Oil Stadium.

What cities did the colts play for?

Baltimore and Indianapolis

What state do the Indianapolis Colts play in?


In what city do the colts play?

Indianapolis, Indiana

Did Andre Johnson play for Indianapolis Colts?


What sport do the Indy Colts play?

The Indianapolis Colts play American football. They are part of the NFL.

What is colts city?

colts city is a training camp in Anderson, Indiana wher the colts play they used to play in Indianapolis but they got traded but always remember the Indianapolis colts are all of indianas team

What position does Matt Overton play?

Matt Overton plays Long Snapper for the Indianapolis Colts.

What city did Indianapolis Colts play in before they moved to Indianapolis?

Baltimore, Maryland.

Who are the best players that play for the Indianapolis colts?

Curtis Painter is, without doubt, the best player the indianapolis Colts have ever had!

What team does Dwight Freeney play for?

Indianapolis Colts

Where do the Indianapolis Colts play home games?

in cinncinatti

Where will the Jets play the Colts on Jan 24?


Who do the Colts play today?

The Indianapolis Colts are facing their archrivals -- the New England Patriots.