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17 hours 15 minutes and 8 seconds

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Q: How long did it take Torres to score his first Chelsea premier ship?
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How many goals has Fernando Torres score against Chelsea in the premier league since he came in the league?

He has scored no goals against Chelsea but he has scored 5 in 32 appearances for them

Against which team did Fernando Torres score his first league goal for Liverpool against?


Who is the first African to score 100 goals in English premier league?

Didier Drogba from Chelsea FC was the first to score 100 goals in the EPL.

How many headers has Torres score for Liverpool?

Premier League only: of the 61 goals Torres has scored for Liverpool, 12 were with his head.

How many goals did Chelsea score last premier league season?

103 flukes

How many goals C Ronaldo scored in his career against Chelsea in premier league?

How many goals Ronaldo score against Chelsea at Manchester United

What are the Chelsea Torres songs?

There is something at the bridge tonight The stars are bright Fer-Naaan-Dooo He'll be scoring goals from left and right The futures bright Fer-Naaan-Dooo He's now a blue he was a red, Torres Torres I'd rather walk alone he said, Torres Torres Off to Stamford Bridge he came To score a goal in every game Fernando Torres, Chelsea's number nine!

When were Chelsea last defeated?

They were last defeated in 1st February 2009 by Liverpool Final score was 2-0 First and Second goal were scored by Fernado Torres 89min and 90(+4)

Who was the first Dutch player to score in the English premier league?

Manchester Cities Michelle Vonk in 1992, was the first Dutchman to score in the English premier league.

Who was the first Dutchman to score an own goal in the Premier League era?

Arjen Robben was the first Dutchman to score an own goal in the Premier League era.

Did florent malouda score in his first match with Chelsea?

Yes. Florent Malouda scored a goal in his first game for Chelsea.

Who did Torres score his first European goal against?

Fc Porto