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Eric Cantona signed for Manchester United in August 1992. He retired from football, whilst playing for Manchester United, at the end of the 96/97 season.

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Q: How long did cantona play for man united?
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What is the Nationality of Man United Eric Cantona?

The nationality of Man United Eric Cantona is Spanish and French.

What club did Eric Cantona play for before Man U?

Leeds United A.F.C

Who was the bald Italian man united player?

Henry cantona

A famous french footballer?

Eric Cantona - Man United and France

Who played for man united and leeds?

Cantona, Strachan, Smith (alan)

What number shirt did Eric Cantona first get given at Man United?


Who was Manchester United captain during the 1996 and 97 season?

The Manchester United captain in 1996 was the French man Eric Cantona.

How old is Eric cantornar?

if you mean the french footballer and man united legend, Eric cantona then hes 44

How much did leeds united pay for Eric Cantona?

one million pounds. Leeds didn't pay anything for Cantona, he was signed after a trial, he was sold to Man utd for approx £1 million.

How much was Eric Cantona transfer Fee?

eric cantona signed for man utd for 1.2m

How much did man utd pay leeds for cantona?

man utd payed 1.2 million pounds for cantona on the 26th November 1992

Who was man utds captain 96 97 season?

The captain of Manchester United in the year 1996,1997 was the French footballer Eric Cantona.

Who has wore the number 7 for man united down the years?

Eric Cantona David Beckham Cristiano Ronaldo

Who was Man utd captain 1996?

Eric cantona

Who is the best man utd footballer ever?

Eric Cantona

Who has worn number 7 shirt for man united?

Eric Cantona, David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, Michael Owen Don't forget George Best

How many goals did cantona score in penalty for man utd?


Man Utd's star Cantona was signed from Leeds United for how many million pounds?

it was a surprise signing from Leeds just for 1.4 million pounds

Who where the last five players to wear the number 7 shirt for man united before Michael Owen?

Bryan robson, george best, Eric cantona, david beckham and Cristiano ronaldo

Does Rooney play for everton?

no, man united

What team does chicharito play for?

Man united

Who scored the winning goal for man you 1996 fa cup final?

Eric Cantona, for Man Utd against Liverpool.

What player won the league championship winners medal in consecutive seasons with three different clubs?

Eric Cantona... marseille 91, leeds 92, man utd 93 Eric Cantona... marseille 91, leeds 92, man utd 93

How long is china man?

This is a play on words.This particular Chinese man's name is How Long.

Who did manucho play for before man united?