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two 20 min. periods

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Q: How long did a college basketball game last under the original rules?
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How long did a halftime last under the original rules of basketball?


How long was a basketball game under original rules?

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How long did basketball game last under the original rules?

30 minutes

How long did a basketball game last under original rules?

three 20-min. periods

How long was a game of basketball last under the original rules?

i hate this game but it is fun to make fun of

How long did basketball games last under original rules?

When Dr. James Niasmith invented basketball, one of his published rules was that each game would consist of two 15-minute halves, and a halftime lasting 5 minutes.

How long did a basketball game last under the original rules?

two 15-minute halves you should go to hopkins

How long did original basketball games last under original rules?

The original rules of basketball, developed by James Naismith in 1891, stated that the game should be divided into two 15-minute halves, with 5 minutes rest in between. This means that following the original rules, the game lasted 30 minutes (or 35 minutes including the break). Modern day games are comprised of four 10-minute quarters (FIBA), or four 12-minute quarters (NBA). With 5-minute overtime periods.

What are the rules of basketball?

There are a lot of rules for basketball, too many to be mentioned here. Click on the links under the "Related Links" heading below to view detailed information concerning the rules of basketball. The rules of basketball are plentiful, however the most common rules are not to travel with the ball, ie carry it without dribbling it, and not to be violent against other players.

How long did a basketball game last under to the original?

approximately 1006020 seconds

Do college basketball player make money?

Yes, but it's under the table.

How long did basketball game last under the oringinal rules?

three 20-minute periods

Who was the team that dominated men's college basketball in the 1960s and 1970s?

UCLA was a great basketball team under John Wooden at that time

What are some innovations that the basketball has under gone since its original invention?

a basketball that is even all the way around and can bounce at a even hieght :)

What college basketball programs are sponsored by Under Armour?

a lot of them most of them as a matter of fact

Who' the best basketball team ever?

UCLA college team under John Wooden in the '60s

Is the bap-barecom referees are still allowed to officiate basketball games under fiba rules today?


Does pro basketball require education?

nba basketball can accept freshmans out of college under contract of good grades at a certain gpa and every year a certain grade on IQ testing

How many players are on the Wisconsin Badgers boys basketball team?

I wish I could answer that properly...but I'd advise you to look that up on Google under College Sports: Basketball and you should be able to find it (: nikki131313

How long does a quarter last for in basketball?

It depends... Under FIBA rules - four quarters of 10 minutes Under NBA - 4 quarters of 12 minutes each College games - two halves of 20-minutes and High school varsity games use 8 minute quarters

Do players get paid in college basketball?

College players are not suppose to receive revenue for playing ball. However perhaps some are secretly being payed "under the table" illegally by boosters. If they are caught they will be kicked out.

Where can a person go to find the basketball schedule for Duke?

In Duke's newspaper (both online and the paper copy) there is a section with upcoming sports games for the season. On top of this, on ESPN's website, there is a list of schedules under the college basketball page.

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