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From 1988 to 1996

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Q: How long did Wayne Gretzky play for the los angeles kings?
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How long did Wayne Gretzky stay with the Los Angeles Kings?

8 seasons

How long did Wayne Gretzky play for Los Angeles kings?

8 seasons

How long did gretzky play for the oilers?

Wayne Gretzky played 10 seasons with the Edmonton Oilers (1978-79 to 1987-88) before being traded to the Los Angeles Kings.

How long was Wayne Gretzky's career?

a long time

How long did Wayne Gretzky live?

He's still alive

How long was Wayne Gretzky's retirement speech?

5 minutes

How long did Wayne Gretzky play for the blues?

Gretzky was traded to St. Louis from Los Angeles on February 27, 1996. He played 18 regular season and 13 playoff games for the Blues. Gretzky then signed with the New York Rangers in July 1996.

How long did Wayne Gretzky play on a line with Gordie Howe?


How long was Wayne Gretzky with the oilers?

10 years from 1979-1989

How long did it take Wayne Gretzky to score 800 goals?


How long did Wayne Gretzky play for the St. Louis blues?

18 games

How long did wayne grezky play in the nhl?

Wayne Gretzky played 20 seasons in the NHL. He played from 1978 to 1999.

How long did Wayne Gretzky play hockey for the NHL?

20 seasons 1979-1999

How long did Wayne Gretzky play for the New York Rangers?

Gretzky played for the Rangers from the 1996-97 season to the 1998-99 season.

How long did Wayne Gretzky coach the phoenix coyotes?

Wayne Gretzky coached the Coyotes from 2005-2009, finishing with a 143-161-24 record, and the team missed the playoffs in all four seasons.

How long has Wayne Gretzky been married?

Gretzky has been married to Janet Jones (later Janet Gretzky) since July 17, 1988. They married at St.Josephs Basilica in Edmonton, AB.

How long did Wayne Gretzky practice for?

7:30 am till 8:30 before school and then 3:30 till 9:00

How long have the LA Kings been in Los Angeles?

They began play in L A as an expansion team in 1967.

Where is James Wayne long jimmy Wayne long jw long?

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Did Wayne Gretzky tuck one side of his jersey into his pants?

Yes, Gretzky was very skinny, but had long arms. For that reason, as a kid he would go one size up in jerseys, to fit in the arms, and then tuck the jersey in on his left hand side, to keep it out of the way while he stickhandled. The habit carried over to professional hockey, where he did it in all but one WHA all star game. In that game, Gretzky was pulled aside by his idol, Gordie Howe, and Gordie made an impromptu hem on the side of the jersey for Gretzky so it was out of his way.

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