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As long as you want or are able to.

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Q: How long can you play baseball before retireing?
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How long did Hank Aaron play in the MLB before his death?

nothing but baseball

Is it okay to go swimming before a baseball game?

Yes as long as you dry yourself before you play baseball to avoid slipping over

How long do baseball players play baseball?

For as long as they want to of coarse!

Where did braves play baseball before Atlanta?


What do they play before baseball games begin?

National Anthem

How long did Jackie Robinson play baseball?

he did 12 years of professional baseball

How long do baseball players train?

Most baseball players will train for at least five years before playing professionally. Many players spend their entire lives training to play.

How long did Derek Jeter play baseball?


How long did bo Jackson play baseball?

4 yrs

Where did ichiro suzuki play baseball for nine years before going to play for Seattle Mariners?


Where baseball player warm up before they play baseball?

Either on the outfield or somewhere with lots of space

How long do you have to play in the NFL before you draw a pension?


How long before you can play hockey after shattering your kidney?


What do kids learn before they learn to read baseball cards?

They look at the pitchers

How long before you can play sports with strep throat?


How long does a new alto saxophone reed have to soak in water?

It shouldn't have to soak in water. As long as you suck on it and get it moist before you play, you can play on it.

How long did Michael Jordan Play Baseball?

Michael Jordan retired from basketball to play baseball in 1993. He played for two years and returned to basketball in 1995.

How long does Brett deledio have to play for Richmond before he retires?


Should you play baseball this year or hang up the cleets?

Do you love playing baseball? -> then play Do you feel a NEED to play baseball? -> then play Does your health allow you to play baseball safely? -> then play Do you have enough time to play baseball? -> then play

How long do have to play a year to be a pro baseball player for?

Please re-phrase this question. There is no longivity requirement to be a "professional" baseball player. To be a "pro", one must only be paid a salary to play baseball.

What pro baseball team did Danny Ainge play for before coming to the Celtics?

Blue jays

What baseball team did mark mcgire play on when is was a rookie before going to the cardinals?

oaklnad a"s

How long did Hank Aaron play baseball?

he played for 22 years. From 1954 to 1976.

How long will Derek Jeter play baseball?

He will probably retire in about 5 or 6 years.

How long does a player have to play to qualify for a major league baseball pension?

10 years