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There is no official retirement age for Major League Baseball players. They can play as long as a team is willing to put them under contract.

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Q: Retirement age in Major League Baseball?
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What are the odds of playing Major League Baseball at age 28?

Very normal for new major leaguers

Who was the oldest rookie to play Major League Baseball at the ripe age of 42?

Sachal Paige

Who is the oldest pitcher to save a Major League Baseball game?

Satchel Paige at age 47 in 1953.

What is Jamie Moyer famous for?

Jamie Moyer is famous for many things baseball related. He is a pitcher in the Major League Baseball league that is looking to make a comeback at the age of 50.

What is the Major League Baseball average age of a player?

average age of mlb players across teams by year?

What has the author David Arcidiacono written?

David Arcidiacono has written: 'Major league baseball in Gilded Age Connecticut' -- subject(s): Baseball teams, Baseball, History

Is there anyone under the age of 18 currently playing Major League Baseball?

No, there is no player under 18 in the mlb today

What is the average age of Major League Baseball Bat boys?

No one younger than 14 is allowed to be a Major League Bat Boy. However, the average is about 18. Anyone between 14 and 25 can apply.

Why are major league baseball players drafted from other countries?

They aren't drafted. Foreign players become free agents at the age of 16.

Who was the Seattle pitcher they called the ancient Mariner?

Pitcher Jamie Moyer, now the oldest player in major league baseball at age 47.

How do you get to be a Major League Baseball player?

Generally speaking a player at a young age begins his base "career". For most children this would start in Little League. The player would advance from there.

What are the dating baseball?

The age of an official Major League baseball can be found by the stamp of the League predident that appears on the ball. Foe example Ban Johnson baseballs were made from 1901-1927. See related links below for an Official Baseball Dating guide