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Whatever the length of the player's contract agreed upon by ownership and the player.

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Q: How long can management control a baseball player's contract?
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Is a Major League Baseball contract signed on paper or can it be electronically signed?

What Mlb does is they brand the contract on the players ass cheek.

What happens to a professional baseball players' salary when he is sent to the minors?

A baseball player's salary will not change from the Majors to the Minors if he has a Major League contract. There are minor league contracts for those players.

How much is MVP in Major League Baseball paid?

That is up to the team if it was added as a bonus in the players contract.

How much baseball players get?

baseball players can make millions. some make a lot some make little. Ichiro Suzuki (outfielder for SEattle Mariners) was recently given a contract for about $200,000,000 for 5 years.

How much do baseball players make for endorsements?

It usually depends . How big the contract is when you do something. Plus how big the company is.

What do baseball managers do?

they take control of the team and put their players in the batting order and also make decisions about where the players are going to play on the field

Can baseball players change teams only if they are sold or traded?

The only was a baseball player can change teams is by trade or receiving a contract offer if they're a free gent

Retirement age in Major League Baseball?

There is no official retirement age for Major League baseball players. They can play as long as a team is willing to put them under contract.

What do you call the players in a baseball team?

Ball Players . . .

How much do MLB players get paid?

It all depends on the players contract and who they play for

What NBA players have there own shoe contract?

The great players and the legends mostly.

How many players are there in a baseball?

there are 9 players on the baseball field.

Do pro baseball players get paid on vacations?

In a manner of speaking, yes. They get paid yearly, or by a contract which may go on for a number of years. So if a vacation falls into play during that contract, they are indeed paid for their vacation.

What advantages do NFL players have?

signing a contract

Why do baseball players grab their junk a lot?

their junk is so big that its hard to control it. they have to play around with it to manage it.

What do baseball players do before a game?

baseball players stech befor

What are baseball players called when they play for fun?

amatteur baseball players

What are players who play baseball for money called?

Professional Baseball Players

What is the control of players in netball?

dubble control

Who gets paid more baseball players hocky players or football players?

Usually baseball players depending on skills and how long the cantract is

Does a free agent baseball player have an agent?

In all probability ... most all players have agents to do their contract negotiations for them. A 'free agent' is a player that is not under contract and is free to negotiate with any team to secure a contract. The term has nothing to do with whether or not a player has an agent.

Do baseball players get more money or football players?

Baseball players because in football there Is a limit to how much money you can be paid unlike in baseball there is no limit

How many baseball players on the field?

a baseball field has exactly 15 players!

Do baseball players or soccer players make more money?

a baseball player

Where do baseball players come from?

Baseball players can come from anywhere and everywhere in the world.

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