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Q: How long can dolphins jump?
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Do porpoises jump as high as dolphins?

Porpoises can't jump as high as dolphins because they don't have a long nose and their fin that is on top ain't as tall and not that rounded.

Why do dolphins jump up out of the water?

Dolphins jump for MANY reasons, spinner dolphins for instince are very energetic and spin when they jump, they jump for fun, other dolphins may use this as a signal to other dolphins that they need help with catching sardines etc. Some dolphins jump because it is easy for them to look ahead when they are higher than the sea, they may use it for navigational purposes, sometimes just jump to express hapiness and their excitement, or they may jump because they are full of energy and want to play. Dolphins sometimes use it to communicate things to other dolphins, other times for hunting and some may jump for the sake of jumping. =)To breath or for people to see them.

Could dolphins jump?

They can jump in water.

Why do dolphins jump out of the water?

Dolphins jump out of the water because they ar looking where they ar or they ar avoiding the preditors

Why do dolphins jump in and out of the water?

Dolphin's breathe in air, but they can hold their breath for long periods of time. When they come up to the surface or jump out of the water, they are coming up for air.

What are dolphins distinguishing features and why?

Dolphins jump to breathe air because they are mammels.

How do dolphins jump?

Dolphins jump by swimming really fast. Once they have enough momentum they are able to propel themselves from the water which looks like they are jumping.

How far can dolphins jump?


Which dolphins jump out of the water?

all of them

How high can dolphins jump out of water?

They can jump more than 20 feet high.

How high do dolphins jump?

they could jump over a 10 foot high stickA dolphins regular jump is 5m above the water.The highest one has ever gone is 8 m above the water.

What do baby dolphins do with there time?

they jump and do tricks

Can dolphins jump as high as a giraffe?


Do dolphins actually jump out of the water?

No, dolphins actually do not "jump" out of the water but more propel themselves towards the top of the water at a rate such that the dolphin appears to be jumping. This is a common misconception.

What is it called when dolphins jump out of the water and then back in?

Dolphins actually do not "jump" out of the water but more propel themselves towards the top of the water at a rate such that the dolphin appears to be jumping. This is a common misconception.

Why do dolphins have tials?

Dolphins have tails to swim, manouvere and to jump, if they didn't have a tail they would drown, Hope that helps! =)

How long is a dolphins tongue?

dolphins have a long tongue but it can not retract from its mouthage.

Is a jumping dolphin a type of dolphin?

There are many kinds of dolphins that jump, almost all of them jump. But, the dolphin that is the most famous for jumping would be the Spinner Dolphin. Next, I think, would be the bottlenose. acually what is said above is mostly right. spinner dolphins are definetly known for their amazing jumps where they "spin" in the air, but Atlantic bottlenose dolphins are sometimes called the "jumping dolphins" because they do jump a lot

Are river dolphins as talented as sea dolphins?

I would not say they are not as talented but river dolphins tend to be more shy and not as enthusiastic as sea dolphins. You won't commonly see them jump out of the water and do tricks as you would see other dolphins do.

What talents do dolphins have?

yes they are because they can jump high in the air!

What animals love to jump in the air?

Dolphins. They like to jump in the air because the creatures love to play and have fun.

How long are dolphins?

Dolphins can be up to 12 feet long.

What is a Running strips for jumpers and throwers to build up speed as they approach the event called?

Long jump

How can you jump out of water like a dolphin while swimming?

be one with the dolphins

How are dolphins able to jump out of water?

Their tail give them amaizing power.