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The ability of a human can tread water varies on many variables. The temperature of the water, a persons body fat, and the will to live. A marine has tread water for 22 hours in warm waters.

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Q: How long can a human tread water?
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How long can a horse tread water?

I don't know if horses even can tread water - I should think they probably could, but as for how long for - I think it would depend on the horse

How long can a cow tread water?

5 mins

How long can a person tread water?

It depends on the individual endurance.

Does the depth of the pool effect your swimming?

A shallow pool will not allow large swim strokes and will not require you to tread water. Deeper water will not let you swim underwater for long distances without stopping to tread water.

A sentence for the word tread?

i just tread along the long way

How does a car hydroplane?

Hydroplaning occurs when the tires' tread is unable to expel enough water to maintain a rubber contact patch on the road. The function of tread is to allow the "high" part of the tread pattern to cut through by forcing water (and other road grit) into channels and grooves surrounding the tread blocks. When the water gets too deep for the tread grooves to cut through it and force it between the tread blocks, the "high part" of the tread blocks lose contact with the pavement and looses traction by hydroplaning.

Why is tire tread important?

Increases grip if there is water on the roadway the water can enter the holes in the tread and not interfere as much with the rubber contact with the road.

What is a sentence for the word tread?

"If he were to tread the long way to the store alone, he would be tired afterward."

When the road is wet it takes how long to stop?

Longer. How much longer depends on several things ( tire tread, amount of water, turning, etc. ).

How do you tread in water?

mm the coews do uit

How does the tread make wet-weather driving safe?

The tread of tires is designed to channel the water between the ridges, so that the upper tread stays in contact with the road. The tread gives water someplace to go as the tire rolls. It channels away from the surface of the tire so that the tire will make contact with the road. That is why it is easy to hydroplane on worn tires. The water can't get out from under the tire fast enough and you end up riding on water.

How do water polo players get themselves so high out of the water?

You tread the water quickly with your legs and it propels you out of the water.

Does the tread pattern on tires really make a difference in performance?

Yes they do. The shape of the tread displaces water in a particular way. The faster you can move water, sand, dirt, etc., the better the performance.

Can trailers use different tires as long as the treads are the same in each tire-assembly OR same tread per hub?

Yes, as long as the tread widths and tire specifications are all equal.

How can one tread water quickly?

The most useful way to tread water quickly is to keep arms and legs moving. Splashing and kicking will get one tired quickly. It is important to keep breathing stable.

How long can a werewolf go without food or water in its wolf form?

a werewolf can go as long as 3 days without food or water in its wolf stage.when in its human stage it can go as long as a normal human can.

What has the author Malcolm Muggeridge written?

Malcolm Muggeridge has written: 'Tread softly for you tread on my jokes' 'Living water'

How long can a leech go without water?

never human does not without water

How long can the human body in ice water?

an hour

A human made channel for carrying water long distances is what?

An aqueduct

How long can you live off of just water?

A human can go up to a month without food. The body cannot go very long without water. A human can only live up to a week without water.

How does the tread affect the grip of the tire?

it affects it greatly. For racing, the best tyres to use are called "slicks". This means that there is no tread on the tyre. The more tyre you have, the more grip you have. Road cars, however, need to have tread because the tread helps to grip in gravel and water. The tyre for normal road use is also designed so that it can get rid of the water that gets caught in the tread. As well, inflation of the tyre affects the surface area if under-inflated; the tread area collapses, even if you don't see much change with the naked eye. It makes a "mushy" less effective grip. If over-inflated, the tread has more pressure exerted on it from within, which widens the tread and lessens the grip on road surfaces.

How long can a human last without drinking water?

A human being can only go about 72 hours (3 days) without water.

How long can the human body live with water?

With water; a lifetime. Without it; few days.

What would happen to your ERV when you tread water in a lake?

Filled with air