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3 seconds

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Q: How long are you allowed to hold the ball for in netball?
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How long can you hold a ball in netball?

5 seconds

How long are you permitted to hold the ball in netball?

Three seconds, or it is called a held ball.

How long can you hold the netball in a netball match?

3 seconds

In netball how long can the goal shooter hold the ball for?

The Goal Shooter is allowed to hold the ball for 3 seconds - as for all players with possession of the ball they must pass or shoot within or on 3 seconds - in this case is to shoot within or on 3 seconds. If it goes beyond this, The umpire will call "held Ball" and there is a free pass awarded to the opposing team.

How long is a high school player allowed to hold the ball before having a clock violation?

24 seconds

How long can you hold the ball in netball?

3 seconds in a 7's game but in high 5's 4 seconds is aloud as the players are in year 6 or below.

In netball how do you decide who has the ball first?

(1) The two centres stand outside of the circle with their hands by their sides. (2) Then the referee throws the ball upwards in the middle. (3) Who Ever Jumps And Grabs The Ball First Is Allowed To Start With The Ball As Long As The Didn't Jump Before The Whistle

What sized ball is a a game of netball played with?

about a foot long and wide

How long is the net ball court?

a netball court is about 30m long and 15m wide (100ft. x 50ft.)

According to fifa rules how long is the goal keeper allowed to hold the ball for?

A goalkeeper cannot hold the ball for more than six seconds. The penalty for going over six seconds is an indirect free kick for the other team.

Why is power important in netball?

You need to be able to throw the ball a long way (but not over 2 lines)

How long must you hold the cricket ball to make a catch?

Long enough to demonstrate that you have control of the ball

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