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There are two 20 minute halves in College Basketball. If the game ends in a tie, there is an extra 5 minute overtime. They will continue the 5 minute overtimes until someone is leading when the final buzzer sounds.

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Each period in college Basketball is 20 minutes long.

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College baskeball is played in two 20 minute halves.

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Q: How long are the periods in a college basketball game?
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How long did a college basketball game last under the original rules?

two 20 min. periods

How many 10-minute periods are played in Olympic basketball games?

There are two periods played in a whole game of college basketball. Both periods are 20 minutes long. But with timeouts and fouls called during the game, the game goes on longer.

How long is a college basketball game?

A College Basketball game is 40 minutes long. 20 minutes each half.

How long did a basketball game last under original rules?

three 20-min. periods

How long did basketball game last under the oringinal rules?

three 20-minute periods

How long is a college hockey game?

3 20 minute periods

How long is half time at college football bowl game?

Halftime is 20 minutes during a college football bowl game.

How long a basketball half takes?

In college basketball a half takes 20 minutes on the clock. In high school and in the NBA a half is 24 minutes on the clock made up of two 12 minute periods.

How many periods are there in a basketball game?

two 20 minutes halves ... overtime periods are five minutes.

Is there a college basketball game for psp?

no not that i no of i have been wondering the same thing for a long time if u find one tell me

How many minutes are in an NBA game?

Four quarters of 12 minutes each in professional basketball for 48 minutes College is 10 minute quarters for 40 minutes.

How long has the kentuc KY wildcats played basketball?

Feb. 6, 1903 -- First organized basketball game at State College (later UK). They lost 15-6.Feb. 18, 1903 -- State College wins its first basketball game, vs. Lexington YMCA, 11-10. State goes on to a 1-3 record that season.