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He managed Chelsea FC for 2 years because he managed Chelsea FC since 2009

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Q: How long Carlo ancelotti been manager for Chelsea?
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What is Carlo Ancelotti known for?

Carlo Ancelotti is an Italian football manager. He was born in Italy and has been the manager for several football teams there including Parma, Roma, and Milan.

What movie and television projects has Carlo Ancelotti been in?

Carlo Ancelotti has: Played himself in "Match of the Day" in 1964. Played Devil soccer player in "Don Camillo" in 1984. Played himself in "Mezzo destro mezzo sinistro - 2 calciatori senza pallone" in 1985. Played Himself - Interviewee in "London Tonight" in 1993. Played himself in "Quelli che... il calcio" in 1993. Played Himself - Chelsea Manager in "Breakfast" in 2000. Played himself in "Football Focus" in 2001. Played himself in "Match of the Day 2" in 2004.

Has Jose Mourinho been back to Chelsea since 2007?

Not as a manager, but he has been back to watch. He'll return in February for Inter v Chelsea in the Champions League.

How long has john terry been at Chelsea FC?

He has been at Chelsea since 1995.

Who is the longest running soccer manager with one club?

oliver edmunds with Chelsea for 4 years amm... Arsene Wenger has been managing Arsenal since 1996... the longest is actually Alex Ferguson who's been the manager of Man United since 1986

Chelsea staub is in Nigeria is this true?

Chelsea Staub has never been to Nigeria

Has Chelsea ever been relegated?

Chelsea have been relegated from 1900-2009 because they are a horrible team and are cheats.

How long have Chelsea football club been in the premiership?

the premiership has only been around since 1992 and Chelsea have been in it ever year

When was the last time an English manger won the premier league?

Never. The Premier league has been won by Sir Alex Ferguson (Scottish), Kenny Dalglish (Scottish), Arsene Wenger (French), Jose Mourinho (Portuguese) Carlo Ancelotti (Italian) and Roberto Mancini (Italian). The last time an English Manager won the top flight league (Division 1) was Howard Wilkinson in 1991-92 which was the season prior to the inception of the premier league.

Chevy Monte Carlo 2007?

There will be no 2007 Chevy Monte Carlo. The Monte Carlo has been discontinued and 2006 was the last production year. There are 2007 Monte Carlo's. They may have been made in 2006 but there are 2007 models.

What manager has not LOST a HOME game since 2002 and has been with four different teams in that time?

Jose Mourinho has managed Porto, Chelsea, Inter Milan & Real Madrid

Has Chelsea ever been relagated?

they have been relagated but that was in the 1940s

Has Chelsea fc ever not been in the champions league?

Chelsea have been to the champion league many a time, but sadly they have never won it.

What year did Chelsea get into the champions league?

Chelsea has always been into the champions league but they have never won it

Is Chelsea peretti married?

No and never has been.

Has Chelsea been relegated before?


What Player Has Been On Chelsea The Longest?

John Terry has been a member of the Chelsea Football Club since his youth days back in 1995.

Did Chelsea Staub change her last name?

Born Chelsea Kane Staub, she's been known by her family and friends as just Chelsea Kane

Is Bill Clinton really the father of Chelsea Clinton?

Yes. Chelsea's parentage has never been in question.

How long has terry been Chelsea captian?


When was Chelsea last relegated?

Chelsea was never relegated. arsenal',man.u and Liverpool hes been relegated looooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

How long has Frank Lampard been in Chelsea fc?

He joined from West Ham , he is there for roughly 10 years at Chelsea.

What year did Chelsea get into the preimer league?

Chelsea have been in every premier league season since it started in 1992.

How long has Chelsea Staub been an actor?

she has been acting since 2003

Is johnny pacar dating Chelsea hobbs?

No Chelsea has been married to photogrpher Teren Oddo for 5 or 6 years.