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An official Baseball is 9 inches in diameter and 5 ounces in weight

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Q: How large is a baseball?
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30. Large gil gil

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How can you use large in a sentence?

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a baseball bat is as bick as my wiener 33inches and 31 ounces

Name a sport that has a large tv audience?

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a t-ball is pretty much like a baseball small and hard. But a softball is large and harder than a baseball.

What are some baseball cap vendor that sell in bulk at lower prices for resale?

Baseball caps have quite a large market. You can purchase baseball caps from I would also suggest looking at for wholesale baseball caps as well.

What is the empty cone at the large end of a wooden baseball bat?

It is called the cupping of the bat, used for weighting.

What is the name of the large park in Boston?

Fenway is the name of the baseball stadium in Boston, home to the Red Sox.

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according to the book "the dancing woo li masters" if a baseball was the size of the earth, the atoms would be the size of grapes.

Where can one purchase a Blue Jays baseball jacket?

Blue Jays baseball jackets can be bought at many sporting retailers, online and offline. Online, Fanatics has a large selection of Blue Jays baseball jackets for sale.

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Probably because the World Series is a trademark that would require a large payment to Major League Baseball to use.

Why do baseball jerseys have a large space between the buttons on the chest?

Essentially it's for the embroidered teem logos to fit.

What is the mascot for the Houston astros baseball team?

The mascot for the Houston Astros is a large rabbit named Junction Jack

How much do triple a baseball players make?

There is a large range of salary that AAA baseball players will make. Usually, the range falls between $3,000 to $7,500 each month of play.

Where can you guy an R161 model baseball bat?

Hittersinc is a company that sells the R161 model baseball bat. It features a thick handle and a large barrel, and costs $69.99 as of October 2014.

What has the author Bob Costas written?

Bob Costas has written: 'Fair ball' -- subject(s): Baseball, Economic aspects, Specimens, Large type books, Economic aspects of Baseball

What is a slugger?

A slugger is a boxer wins a large amount of their matches by KO. In baseball a slugger is a hitter who hits a lot of homeruns.

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No one is really sure...everybody knows that he played football with his large family! :)

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The organ is the most suited instrument for large outdoor arenas due to its great volume.

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How popular was baseball in the 1920s?

Baseball's popularity soared in the 1920s in large part to expanded print and radio coverage of the game, the good economy in the first half of the decade, and to the exploits of Babe Ruth.