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Q: How is the leaf pattern made?
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What is a leaf made out of?

A leaf is made from a number of tissues.

What is meant by leaf venation?

The pattern of vascular arrangement in the leaf lamina is called leaf venation,.

What are the difference between alternate leaf and simple leaf?

the difference between a alternate and simple leaf is that the simple leaf has no patterns on its leaf and the alternate leaf has pattern

What is the VCV pattern for The baby spider sat on a leaf?

spiders ,leaf

Is a maple leaf a palmate leaf?

the silver maple leaf pattern Pinnate palmate is parallel. It is palmate.

What is the vein pattern for a magnolia leaf?


What is the pattern veins on leaf?


Is a leaf an or organ a cell or a tissue?

A leaf is an organ which is made out of tissues which are made out cells

What is a alternate leaf?

An alternate leaf is a leaf pattern in which there is a leaf on one side of a branch and there is another leaf on the opposite side of the branch except farther down.

How do you write a sentence with the word leaf's?

The leaf's branching vein pattern was absolutely mesmerizing.

What leaf has a palmate pattern?

Silver Maple

What is the venation pattern of a black oak leaf?


Where are the food for photosynthesis made in a leaf?

It is made in the cell organelle called the Chloroplasts on the top side of the leaf

Is the leaf of a plant a cell?

Leaf is not a cell.It is made up of cells.

What is crack cocaine made out of?

it is made out of the coca leaf

What is alternate leaf pattern?

See the related link.

What is the venation pattern on a winged elm leaf?


What is the venation pattern for a red bud leaf?


What is the vein pattern of a Papaya leaf?

perallel veins

are leaf made of cells?

A leaf is made of many layers that are sandwiched between two layers of tough skin cells

Pitcher of pitcher plant is made of?

It is made up from leaf

Is flour made from the leaf of wheat?

No, it's made from the seeds.

What part of a leaf is food made?

the leafs made by tree

Where is the maple leaf coin minted?

Maple Leaf gold coins are made in Canada - the maple leaf is that country's symbol.

Which prediction can be made about leaf-cutter ants?

They are strong enough to lift an entire leaf.