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you kick with your designated foot and take a couple of steps back and kick with the inside of your foot just below the centre of the ball

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Q: How is summation of forces used in kicking a ball in NRL?
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What bones are used when kicking a soccer ball and why?

Your tarsals and metatarsals are used when kicking a ball because they are in your foot

When taking a large step and planting the non-kicking foot to the side of a ball during soccer what are the principles of force summation used?

Several forces come in to play when kicking a soccer ball. The immediate force may be the velocity of the player as they run to the ball. Another force is the centripetal force of the player's thigh as it rotates at the hip. The third force is the centripetal force of the players lower leg as it rotates at the knee. A forth force is the centripetal force of the player's foot as it rotates at the ankle. The angle at which the foot comes into contact with the ball will depend the angle of flight. For example, the lower the point of contact, the higher the trajectory of the ball.

What muscules are used when kicking a ball?

quadriceps,hamstigs, gastrocnemius

Which antagonistic pair is used in kicking a ball?

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What joints are being used when kicking a ball?

i duno what a stupid question dweeb

What sports are hinge joints used for?

in football when your about to kick the ball you have to flex and extend your allows you to bend and straighten (flexion and extension) the joint, for example, when kicking a ball in football, you bend your leg in preparation and then straighten your leg to kick the ballyour hinge joint is used in foot ball when kicking the ball

What is summation of forces?

Summation of forces is the biomechanical principle that refers to either the sequential of simultaneous movements of body parts to produce force.force summation is the use of alot of body part used from smallest to largest in the correct timing and way. 1. you use the big/strongest muscles in your the way the best muscles to use are the muscles farthest away from the object your trying to throw.

Why does a ball boy wear k on his shirt?

The K means that all the balls which that particular ball boy has are used for kicking plays.

What part of a person's body should be used when kicking the ball?

The inner side of your feet :-)

The muscle contraction used in kicking a ball?

the muscle contraction used in kicking a ball all comes from your mind. If you can focus and imagine yourself kicking a ball you will be able to do it. Once you have completed this you can then use this skill to do many other things like running up walls and jumping off really high biuldings. If you can kick a ball then i deeply recommend you try jumping of really high biulding.

Is the tibia used for kicking a ball?

Yes, absolutely. It is the bone in the front of your lower leg, the heavier one.

What are the uses of parabolas?

They are used for math and science. They are used in flashlights, solar cooking, throwing or kicking a ball, suspension bridges, and diving.