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It is no different, other than there may be special delivery aid equipment used, like ramps.

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Q: How is special Olympics bowling different from regular bowling?
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How are the rules different for gymnastics in special Olympics then in regular Olympics?

Everybody thinks it's different ,and there might be ,but the rules are the same

When did bowling become part of the Olympics?

Bowling has never been part of the traditional Summer or Winter Olympics. However bowling has been a Special Olympics sport since 1975.

Was bowling at the Olympics before?

No. The International Olympic Committee recognizes bowling as an Olympic sport but has never added it to the Olympics. However, bowling has been an event of the Special Olympics since 1975.

Is bowling an Olympic sport?

No, bowling is not an Olympic event and there is no timeline for adding it. However, bowling has been an event in the Special Olympics since 1975.

Is bowling a paralympic sport?

No. However it is a Special Olympics sport since 1975.

What is the difference between the Special Olympics and the regular Olympics?

The Special Olympics was begun by the Kennedy family for a sister who was mentally challenged. It is a national and international event which provides athletes with disabilities to compete and win awards. -they are different because one is for intellectual and physical disibilities

What are the differences between regular soccer and special Olympics soccer?

Age Limits

What are the Special Olympics?

It is the Olympic Games for people with learning disabilities. They are different to the Olympics and the Paralympics. See the link below.

When was Special Olympics created?

Special Olympics was created in 1968.

How often are the Olympic games?

The Summer Olympics are held 4 years apart, The Winter Olympics are held 4 years apart, They alternate every 2 years. The Special Olympics are held immediatly after the regular Olympics

Who began the special Olympics?

Eunice Shriver began the Special Olympics.

Is badminton in the special Olympics?

No, they don't offer badminton in special olympics

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