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They Have Different Rules. Also People Used To Play Soccer With Some Dead Guys Head, Without Shoes, And Without Shin Guards

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Q: How is soccer different from they were?
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How is Italian Soccer different then American Soccer?

different teams and it's no different to English and Finnish Soccer

Is soccer played inside or outside?

Both. There is indoor soccer and outdoor soccer. They have different rules though and the fields are different.

What is the difference between soccer and an indoor soccer?

indoor soccer has different soccer cleats and a different kind of ball and has walls around the field and has assfolt and outdoor soccer has a different size ball and kind of ball and has no walls and had natural grass,

The different Nationalities of Soccer?

The different nationalities for soccer are worldwide. The contintents that love soccer the most would be South America and Europe.

Can soccer balls be in different shapes?

No. A soccer ball is round.

Does every country play soccer the same way?

no, different countries play soccer different ways

Is soccer the same with football?


Why do you love soccer?

It shows interesting things, Soccer can collect all the different people in different countries with different languages and religions together.

What is a different name for soccer?


What are the different types of soccer balls?

there are different sizes and colors

How are a soccer ball and a basketball different?

different colors, different weights, different sizes

Where did soccer first come from?

i think soccer came from England.the rules their are very different from American soccer. they played very bloody when they played soccer.

What size soccer ball do women use?

Women's soccer is in a different league to the men's soccer. Women use a soccer ball that is the same size as the men's soccer ball.

How many varieties of soccer are there?

one and no others. Unless you live in a different country and you call soccer futbal and football soccer.

Is normal soccer rules different from olympic soccer rules?

no the rules are all the same

How easy is soccer?

Soccer is very easy the only thing you have to look out for are the different postions

How many different sports use cleats?

football soccer baseball soccer golf

Are football and soccer different games?


What are different sports played in Spain?


What is soccer called in different languages?


Why is soccer called futbul in different countries?

because the languages are different

What is difference between soccer and other sports?

soccer is different because you can not use your hands . it is also different because you kick the ball not throw it.

Why is football different from soccer?

Football and Soccer are not two different things. They are exactly the same game but around the world are called different names. American football, though, is a completely different game :)

How does a soccer player stay in shape?

soccer players stay in shape doing alot of different exercise's. im a soccer player my self and my coach makes my team do different techniques to help different parts of our body's and he makes us run alot. everyday that you play soccer, you get fit!

What is the longitude and latitude of a professional soccer field?

Every soccer field will have a different longitude and latitude.