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Today box lax if played in an indoor arena for 3, 20 min shifts with 5 runners and a goalie. Years ago it was played over acres and acres (width and length) and could be played for 3 - 5 days with 100 players on each tribal team and sometimes to the death of a player.

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Q: How is lacrosse different now then form when Native Amerceans played?
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Where was the first lacrosse team located?

Native Americans played lacrosse to train for war.

Was lacrosse used to train for war by the native Americans?

Yes lacrosse was invented and used by the native americans.

When was lacrosse made?

It was first played in 1876 by native Americans.

What sport was originally played by Native Americans and later adapted by French and Canadian pioneers?

StickBall Apex: Lacrosse

Where online can you learn about sports the native Cree played?

The sport most native peoples play is called lacrosse. Google lacrosse and you will get your info that you are looking for.

Where was the lacrosse originated?

Lacrosse originated among the Native American tribes of northeastern North America

Where is lacrosse from?

lacrosse or "lax" for short was played hundreds of years ago by native Americans. lacrosse is thought of to be the first American sport. of course the game is much different now then it was back then. the native amerians played as a form of fighting, to settle disputes, or competition between two tribes. there were hundreds of "players" on the "field" at one time, and the "ball" was a rock of animal hide in some form.

Is lacrosse a German sport?

It's played in Germany, but that doesn't make it a German sport. It's a Native Indian sport, originated in Canada. lacrosse is a native American sport

What sport did the Native American Indians play at Fort Michilimackinac?

They played lacrosse

How did the Native Americans in the northeast work together?

they played lacrosse to work out problems

Who are the group of people that first played lacrosse?

the Iroquois native Canadian groups

What are some of interesting lacrosse facts?

Lacrosse was played by the Native Americans. Lacrosse is actually Canada's national sport. Not hockey. Native Americans used wooden sticks. These are just a few but their are many more that you can either find or read about.