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•In Golf, a club is used

•In golf, you don't wear armor

•In golf, you don't run

•In golf, you play it carefully instead of head on

•In football, Old people can't play.

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Q: How is golf different from football?
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Which book is faster a football and a golf ball?

A football and a golf ball are both faster than a book, even if kicked with the same force. Between a football and a golf ball the winner will be the golf ball, because the football has much more drag.

How many different sports use cleats?

football soccer baseball soccer golf

What the difference between golf cleats and football cleats?

Football cleats have spikes golf cleats doesnt

What is more mentally demanding professional football or golf?

Professional Golf

How big is the heart the size of a golf ballfist or football?

Everyone's is a different size. The heart is about the same size as your fist.

Is Golf Basketball or Football the most popular sport in Virginia?


What are the different compartments in a golf bag for?

The different compartments in your golf bag are for your golf ball's, tee's and miscellaneous.

Where can you practice your golf swing?

On a golf course or local football field. Don't do it inside!

What are the five most popular spectator sports in Britain?

Different people have different views of favourite sports but i would have to say: Football, Rugby, Cricket, Golf and swimming

What is the popular game in Scotland?

Golf. Football.

Is golf Britains favourite sport?

no its football

What was Michael mcintyre's hobbies?

golf, football,

Who were famous athletes in the 1940's?

Babe Zaharias- golf Helen Hicks- golf Craig Wood- golf Ted Williams- baseball Joe DiMaggio-baseball Bobo Newsom-baseball Clyde Turner- football Bill Osmanski- football Sid Luckman-football

What sport is not in the Olympic games?

football, hockey and golf

What is energy for power activities?

playing football and golf

What sports does athletics include?

For boys: football, basketball, tennis, track, and golf For girls: volleyball, basketball, tennis, track, and golf I live in Texas so it might be different where you live.

What is the thing you play golf with?

It's a golf club and there are many different kinds for different hits.

Do the people in Germany play sports?

They play soccer, football, tennis, golf, boxing, mini golf,and singing!

Which ball baseball football softball or golf ball will go the farthest when thrown?

golf ball, most aerodynamic

Which is harder golf baseball basketball or football?

I play all these sports except golf. But I would say golf is the hardest out of these. The reason for this is because you have to concentrate harder.

Do you have to wear a collared t-shirt for golf courses?

Different golf clubs have different rules, but the majority of golf clubs do have a strict dress code.

How Is a lake different from a golf?

a lake is small and a golf is an ocean

What sports are common with white people?

football, golf, and baseball

What sports have penalties?

American football, soccer, hockey, golf.

What sports use negative integers?

Golf, Hockey, Football

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