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flexibility is used in football because you need to dive for the ball to save a shot

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2011-10-10 07:51:27
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Q: How is flexibility used in football?
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Why does a football player need flexibility?

They need flexibility in their hips mostly. Flexibility refers to the ability to move a joint and the surrounding mucles through a full range of motion. Flexibility is critical in football because of the joint stress associated with dynamic multi-joint movements.

Why do you need flexibility for football?

to be able to kick a ball and flex

Difference between functional flexibility and numerical flexibility?

Managing the quantity of labour used

Why are dynamic flexibility tests NOT used as often as static flexibility tests?

Dynamic flexibility tests involve more subjective measurements.

What sport is flexibility used in?


How does flexibility have an impact on your ability in sports?

With flexibility, the ability to do a variety actions is permitted. For example, football players must be flexible because when they are hit, the impact with contort the body in unnatural positions. Flexibility allows the player to withstand these hits.

What componets of fitness do you need for football?

speed, cardiovascular fitness, Agility Flexibility, Muscular endurance

How important is flexibility in posture and sports?

flexibility in posture for sports is VERY VERY important. excpesialy when you are in gymnastics because to do all those flips and stuff you have to have good posture and a lot of flexibility. flexibility is also need for other sports such as soccer, cheer, football, softball, baseball, and basketball

Which physical property property is used to make pajamas?

The physical property for a pyjama is flexibility.

What are some sports that involve flexibility?

Basketball, Soccer, Football, Gymnastics, Swimming, Bicycling, Running, Baseball.

What are the exact measurements of a football field?

100 by 50 yards (if you mean soccer) but there is some flexibility in the rules.

What fitness do you need for football?

aerobic endurance, muscular endurance, flexibility, speed, strength & body composition :)

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