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Cubic inches, or centimeters. You would most likely use the formula for volumes of spheres- (4/3*Pi*R^3) Pi=3.1415962... and R=radius of the sphere.

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Just normal air.

from pumps

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Q: How is air measured in a soccer ball?
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Which could be measured in cubic inches surface of a desk weight of a radio lenght of a pice of string amount of air in a soccer ball?

Soccer ball

What is a soccer ball filled with?

A soccer ball is typically filled with air. The amount of air and pressure inside the ball can affect its bounce, weight, and overall performance on the field. Overinflating or underinflating the ball can impact a player's ability to control and maneuver it during gameplay.

Ball kicked into the air at an angle of 34.0 degrees above the horizontal the initial velocity of the ball is 25.0 ms How long is the soccer ball in the air?

Using the kinematic equation for projectile motion, the time the soccer ball is in the air can be found using the equation: time = (2 * initial velocity * sin(angle)) / acceleration. Substituting the given values, we find that the time the soccer ball is in the air is approximately 2.42 seconds.

What is different from soccer than volley ball?

Soccer you use your feet, volleyball you use your hands. In volley ball the ball is mostly in the air, and in soccer, the ball is mostly on the ground.

What kinda air do soccer ball have?

Special air from Mars!

What is the speed in seconds for kicking a soccer ball?

Speed can't be measured in seconds.

Does the air in a soccer ball gets old?


Does a new or a old soccer ball go farther?

it doesn't matter. a band new soccer ball is as good as an old soccer ball. depending on how much air is in your soccer ball, you'll know how far it will go.

Which has a greater density a soccer ball or an aplle and why?

An apple has greater density than a soccer ball because an apple is full of fruit and juice, and a soccer ball is full of air.

Do golf balls fly farther at higher elevation?

well yes a soccer ball with more air will go further than a soccer ball with no air

What causes a soccer ball to bounce?

the air inside of it

Is a soccer ball a solid?

No, it has air in it.