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I am assuming you are referring to the National Football League playoffs. There are four divisions within each conference. The team that wins its division is in the playoffs automatically. Of the remaining teams in each conference, the two with the best records are also in the playoffs as wild card teams. (There are various tiebreaker rules.) Of the division winning teams, the two teams with the best records in each conference get a bye, and the remaining two division leaders each play a wild card team in the first round of playoffs.

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Q: How is a wild card football team chosen?
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What is a wild card team in football?

A wild card team in football is a team that does not win its own division but makes the playoffs on the basis of having the best overall record of the remaining nondivisional winning teams.

Which team was the first wild card team to ever win the pro football championship?

The Oakland Raiders were the first wild card team to win the Superbowl against the Philadelphia Eagles 27-10.

What football team was the first wild card?

the Miami Dolphins and Detroit Lions. 1970.

How many playoffs to get to world series?

If a team is a wild card team, then 3. If not a wild card team, then 2.

What determines a nfl team to play in the Super Bowl?

they have to have enough wins to get to the play offs or they could get wild carded which is where 4 teams get a card chosen with there name on it and can get to the play offs. Once they have gone through the play offs they will play another game the winner will go to super bowl. One team from the Amercan Football Confrence and one from the National Football Confrence.

How many wild card in Football playoff?


Did a wild card team every win the super bowl?

Yes. Green Bay was a wild card team this year. Pittsburg was a wild card team (#6 seed) in 2008. I'm not sure how often it has happened but I know it has been done.

What is a Wild Card in the World Series and how many Wild Cards go to the playoffs?

Wild Card is the team with the best record that is not a division winner. One Wild Card from each League(American & National) makes the playoffs so you have the 3 division winners plus the wild card team.

How many games does one football team play per team?

each team plays or may play16 games in regular season1 wild card game2 play-off games1 Superbowl game

What football team was called Washington's fisher goes wild?

what football team was called washington's fisher

What is wild card team in NFL?

a wild card team is the 2 teams that are below the top 4 best teams. they do not have a grantee positions in the playoffs tho. so when a team is a wild card there stats for wins and loses are lower then the top four but higher then the rest of the teams.

Which team was the first wild card team to win the super bowl?