How is a pistol grip better than a french grip?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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It depends on your Fencing style. Pistol grip will seem more comfortable to most fencers, especially beginners. It offers more precise movements, better point control, more powerful parries, and a better range of arm movements. Most fencers prefer the pistol grip.

For french grip, which suits classical fencers, the advantage is the ability to pommel, or hold the weapon from the back of the grip. While this takes away control and power, it provides the fencer with a few extra inches of reach, which can be crucial sometimes.

Overall, pistol grips are generally more suitable for foil fencers and some epee fencers, but tall, defensive epee fencers are good with the french grip. Also, it's much harder to train and fence with a french grip. It takes more practice and skill to use one effectively.

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Q: How is a pistol grip better than a french grip?
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