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On your back.

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Q: How is a person positioned when riding a luge?
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How is a person positioned riding a luge?

On your back.

How is a positioned person when riding a luge?

On your back.

How is a person position when riding a luge?

adolf hitler

How is person positioned when riding a lunge?


How do you lose in luge?

In the Luge you have the fastest time to win, so the slowest person loses.

Who is the famous person in luge competition?

sean white won a gold medal for luge

What does riding a luge mean?

"Luge" = trineo La palabra "LUGE" es francess que quiere decir "Trineo". En inglés, LUGE es especificamente el trineo usado en las olimiadas del invierno. Luge is a French word that means Sled (Trineo) In English Luge is specifically the sled used in the Winter Olympics.

What is 'luge' when translated from French to English?

Luge, as a one- or two-person sled for coasting or racing down a chute, in French is luge in English.

What is the difference between luge and skeleton and bobsledding?

Bobsledding takes four people to do it, luge and skeleton only take 1 person. Luge is foot-first and skeleton is head-first.

Which was first street luge or ice luge?

ice luge

What is skeleton racing?

the skeleton is like luge the person rides on a small sled that looks like a tombstone on skates headfirst instead of feet first like in luge.

What is faster the luge or the skeleton?