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Q: How is a easton synergy softball bat made?
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Related questions

Which type of bat hits a softball further?

easton synergy or stealth, or demarini phoenix or CF3

What could be the name for a softball bat?

there are many. a easton stealth, easton synergy, a Anderson rocket tech, and so many more

What is the bets kind of softball bat?

I prefer easton bats (synergy and stealth) but theses bats are expensive

Which slow pitch bat is better the Easton Stealth or Easton Synergy Brett Helmer edition?

Easton Synergy. Much, much better.

What is the most popular fastpitch bat?

There are plenty of good,popular softball bats like DeMarini,Easton Synergy,or Mizuno Tech-fire

Do you recommend a Easton Stealth or an Easton Synergy bat?

I would pick a easton sv12 because it has more pop

What is the difference between an easton synergy imx power hitter lzn2 -10 and an easton cyclone lk37 -10?

One is a high-end composite bat (synergy). The other one is a budget aluminum bat (cyclone).

What brand of bat is used most in softball divisions?

The Easton Stealth

Is the easton connexion st2-z softball bat singlewall?

Yes it is

What is better a stealth or synergy softball bat?

Personally I really like the synergy. It has a wide sweet spot and has a lot of pop. They are both good bats, but I would go with the synergy.

Where are Easton little league baseball bats made?

Easton Bat Company, Easton Pennsylvania

What softball bat would be good for a beginner?

When selecting a softball bat a few things need to be considered; age, height, and weight of the person who will be using the bat, type of material the bat is made from, the grip, the drop; length-to-weight ratio, and if a youth bat or adult bat is needed. Easton has many choices in beginner's softball bats including youth and adult bats.

Where do you buy the Easton Stealth Speed softball bat?

you can buy one at your regular first sting sports(:

Which is a better softball bat an Easton Stealth Speed or a Demarini Cf4?

the better bat would definitely be the easton stealth. the demarini cf4 is a good bat too but if the bat is hit on the wrong part of the bat, the ball will not go like it does on the easton. the stealth has a massive sweet spot/barrel and also has a lot more pop than the demarini.

What is the best slow pitch softball bat for restricted flight balls?

I recommend the Easton Quantum vibration, good pop, very durable

Who made the first composite bat?

Type your answer here... EASTON

What was the first softball bat made out of?


What is the difference between a Easton Stealth Softball bat SCN7B and SCN6B?

SCN7B is a -9 drop SCN6B is a -10 drop

What is the best asa approved slowpitch softball bat?

Go with the Easton Salvo or The Demarini J2 Flyswatter. Awsome Bats.

What does bcn mean on a easton bat?

Barrel (is made of) Carbon Nanotube

Can you legally use an easton-synergy-clarity-srv3b-fastpitch-2009 bat in 2011?

I just checked the 2011 NSA approved equipment list, , and the srv3b is on the list.

How can you put the word synergy in a sentence?

there is a type of baseball bat caaled synergy

How do you break in an easton surge softball bat?

You hit the ball on the spot where most wooden bats would break. Just past the handle.

Is an easton rival bat a good bat?


What is a bat made out of in softball?

A composite bat is made from carbon fiber, glass, and kevlar embedded in a plastic resin.