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When you swing a Baseball bat, the end of the bat, which is intended to hit the pitched baseball, is moving much faster than the part of the bat that you actually hold onto. The extra speed is the result of using the bat as a type of lever.

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Q: How is a base ball bat like a lever?
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Is a base ball bat a lever?

No, but swinging the bat is a lever.

Describe how a baseball bat is like a lever?

a baseball bat is a "lever" in the way that the ball comes off the bat. When the baseball makes contact with the bat, the bat gives, or bends. What causes the ball to then travel is when the bat snaps back into a straight object. Thus, the bat is, in a way, a lever.

How is a baseball a lever?

You are thinking of the baseball bat. The ball itself is not a lever. The bat is a lever, in the sense that it magnifies the motion of your arms.

How cricket is different from other sports?

as we play it with ball and bat while base ball with round bat

Do you drop bat when you hit ball and run to base in softball?

Yes you drop the bat after you hit the ball.

What can you use a baseball bat for?

You use a base ball bat for hitting

What if your hit in the hands while at bat?

If the ball hits the batter's hand before it hits their bat, it is a hit by pitch and the batter takes first base. If the ball hits the bat first it is a foul ball.

How is a baseball bat like a lever?

It seems the baseball would be the load, the bat and your arm would together form a lever, and your shoulder would be the fulcrum.

What is an at bat?

An at bat is when a player goes up to bat. The at bat ends either when the player is struck out, hits the ball and it is caught, or if they have a base hit.

Describe how a baseball bat is a lever?

how is a baseball bat a lever???

How do you get someone out in rounders?

you can dab the ball on the base they are running to you can catch the ball after they hit it with the bat

Can a batter carry a bat to first base?

I don't believe so. After you bat, and hit the ball, you throw/drop the bat to the side, and run to first.

What type of lever is a baseball bat?

a baseball bat is a third clas lever

When at bat is it a foul ball if the batter is hit by the pitch on the hands?

If the ball strikes the bat handle and then the hands it is a foul ball. If the ball strikes the batter on the hands he is awarded first base, provided the pitch is not in the strike zone and the batter has made an attempt to avoid the ball. A batter is not entitled to first base if he is hit with a pitch while attempting to hit the ball.

When a bat hits a ball the impulse is what?

It is equivalent to the change in momentum of the ball.

What does steal a base mean?

It means to run an extra base while the person who just hit the ball with the bat is running to a base.

Is it a base hit if the pitched ball hits dirt before bat?


If a batter is hit with a ball does he have to take first base or can he decide to continue to bat?

Automatically goes to first base.

If a runner is on first base and a teammate who is up to bat hits the ball on the ground can the player on first base run to the second base?

Yes they can.

What does the batter do if he or she hits the ball fair?

Drop the bat, and start running to first base.

What are Illinois's products?

base ball bat

Does a strikeout pass ball count as at bat?

Yes. The batter is charged with an at bat and a strikeout, even if he reaches base on a missed third strike.

What type of simple machine is a baseball bat?

A baseball bat is a lever. It is usually identified as a third class lever but it can be the first class as long as it is attached to an arm.It is a lever.

What is the game called when someone hits a ball with a bat and runs from base to base?

baseball if men are playing, softball if women are playing

What will corking a bat do to the weight of the bat?

corking makes the bat lighter so you can swing it faster therefore generating greater speed at the point of impact with the ball, transferring more speed to the ball as it leaves the bat, causing the ball to fly further (provided you don't break the bat and look like a fool - corking a bat weakens the bat as well as making it lighter).