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In 8 ball all balls can be shot into any pocket whereas in one pocket each player uses a corner pocket at the same end of table.

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Q: How is One Pocket different than 8 ball?
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Two shots on last object ball?

There is nothing unusual about having to take more than one shot for the last object ball in pocket billiards. However, very often the player won't get a second shot simply because the other player will pocket the ball first.

What are the different type of pool games that one can play on a pool table?

There are many pool games that can be played on a pool table. Some pool table games include eight-ball, nine-ball, three-ball, one-pocket, and bank pool.

In golf can you use a different ball than the one you used on the fairway for putting. In other words can the ball be changed?

No. The ball you start a hole with is the ball you must finish the hole with. You can change to a different ball only prior to the T box.

How do you make soft mesh hard mesh on a lacrosse stick?

First, you get the pocket to the desired depth, then you spray it with hairspray. Use a hairdryer to dry it quickly than put the whole head in a freezer for 20-30 mins. this makes the mesh stiff. then leave it for about 1 hour to get used to the warmer temperature, then have fun with your new pocket! Enjoy.

Can a professional golfer carry an extra golf ball in his pocket?

No because they could drop one down with any one knowing

What order do you pot ball in pool?

That depends on which pool game you're playing. In 8-ball, you choose either the solid balls or the stripe balls and must pot those before attempting the 8-ball for the win. In 9-ball, you must pocket the balls in numerical order starting with the lowest numbered ball--potting the 9-ball on a legal shot wins the game. In 14.1, you shoot at anything. In one-pocket, when playing without handicaps, you shoot for any ball and the first player to make 8 balls in his/her designated pocket wins.

Where can one buy a pocket watch chain?

One can buy a pocket watch chain in several different places, depending on whether or not one is looking for a vintage or new one. One can buy a pocket watch chain online at Amazon, and in department stores.

What is the function of the eight ball in pool?

It is the most popular game of pool. All 15 balls are racked w/ the 8 ball in the middle. After the rack is broken, the opposing players take stripes or solids after a ball is pocketed.Once all of a person's balls are pocketed the eight ball must be correctly pocketed to win the game. This game is also know as stripes and solids.

What is heavier a lacrosse ball or baseball?

A lacrosse ball is very different from a baseball. It is heavier and more bouncy. A baseball is light and stings when you get hit, a lacrosse ball is more of a thud since it is heavier. A lacrosse ball is not harder than a baseball, but it does hurt more when you get hit by one.

How does one fold a pocket square?

There are many different ways to tie a pocket square, the easiest among them is known as the "Presidential Fold". First, lay the pocket square on a flat surface, then fold it in half. Next, fold one side up, how far one goes depends on the depth of the pocket. Lastly, place the folded square in the pocket, leaving about one quarter of an inch visible.

What is the definition of the expression 'behind the 8-ball'?

In an awkward or disadvantageous position -- in billiards, the 8 ball is usually the last one that you want to sink into the pocket. Thus, if your cue ball is stuck behind it, there's not a lot you can do to make a point.

Is it okay for two different hamsters to use the same exercise ball?

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