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because LeBron James dad is Michael Jordan ( Kobe Bryant SUCKS!)

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His ability to make plays, his amazing vision, and smart choices. Plus he has a powerful dunk.

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He never gives up and he always trys his best

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Q: How is LeBron James so good at basketball?
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What do people think of Kobe brant?

Some people think he sucks but he does not he isn't as good as he used to be because hes 33 now and Lebron James is 24 so they think Lebron is the only good basketball player. Kobe Bryant was better than Lebron James when he was younger.

Who dunks better Andre or lebron?

Lebron James he is the greatest dunker in basketball today Im geussing you are talking about Andre Dawkins if you are I would say Lebron because he is just so athletic

When did lebron James start playing basketball in the nba?

Well, he started playing basketball at age 6. So, probably first grade.

What type of socks does lebron James wear?

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How did LeBron James start playing basketball?

hee jusxx lykee t2 ply so dhatsx wat hee didd

Who sucks at basketball lebron James or carmelo Anthony?

They both don't know how to pass the ball so i would say a tie.

Is LeBron James move good for the knicks?

well i think yes very much because the knicks arent so good and lebron James is really good so he can improve the team and hopefully the knicks will head off for the championship or playoffs!

Does LeBron James take drugs?

no. lebron James is naturally athletic and just a freak of nature

Is LeBron James the next MJ?

It depends, Lebron plays the same style as Michael Jordan. But Kobe can beat lebron at basketball any time. So i would say that lebron plays more like Michael Jordan, but Kobe will be the best player after Michael Jordan.

What did Lebron James do to make the world a better place?

LeBron is just so talented in everthing that he does . Shooting, Passing,blocking,stealing .you name it LeBron can do it. LeBron really changed things with his choice to leave Cleveland and go to Miami. Everyone anyone in the sports industry is thinking about leaving there team . Lebrons name is sure to come up

Did Kobe Bryant have a good sportsmanship?

Of course he did Lebron James suck so as Dyanye WAde

What did LeBron James major in at college?

Lebron James did not go to college, so he could not have majored in anything.