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varry its our national sport.

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Q: How important is baseball to America today?
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Why is baseball so important in America?

Baseball is very important in America because it is one of America's main sports. Also, it is important because America has the most number of Major Leagues and Minor Leagues.

Why is Columbus important today?

he sort of discovered America.

Why is Aristotle important today?

influnced America about a mix govenment

Why is baseball an important sport?

because it is traditional in America because it is traditional in America because it is traditional in America

Why are the Old World traditions so important even though they now live in America?

The old world traditions are still important even today in America because their mainstay, iron is still widely used today.

Why is William McKinley important today?

Because he helped America through the Spanish-American war, and he was the 25th president of the united states of America.

Why is the KKK so important?

They are a prominent activist group. They also helped build the America you know today.

How have third parties been important in America history?

How do the two major political parties of today differ

What kind of housing do they have today in America?

what kind of housing do they have in America today?

Why was Christopher Columbus voyage to America important?

It is important because if Christopher Columbus wasn't brave enough to go on the voyage, no one probably would. It also was important because if he didn't go on the voyage than their would be no America today.

Why is it important to be aware of the top health concerns in America today?

It can help you avoid or prevent these issues in your own life.

What political position is most important to conservatives in the United States today?

America should have a strong national defence

How many Italians live in America today?

How many Italians live in America today?

Is zoo is important in today's world?

no it is not important in today's world.

Are Hot Dogs Banned in America?

No! Why would they be? Hotdogs are some of the greatest things in America today. Baseball wouldn't exist without hotdogs to eat while watching it.

How did baseball come to America?

Baseball was originally made in America.

When was Baseball America created?

Baseball America was created in 1980.

Why is America important?

america is important because it has fredom and justice

Why was the Constitution for America so important in history?

that was so important because of how it formed the U.S.'s whole government. without it the USA wouldn't be at all like it is today.

Why was Samuel Gompers important today?

why is Samuel Gompers important today

Why is Thommas Jefferson important today?


Why is the Bill of Rights so important to Americans today?

The Bill of Rights are like rules to a game, so you it's important to Americans so that they know what the rules are for being a citizen in America. Answer: The Bill of Rights lead to events that brought freedom to America. Without the Bill of Rights we would not enjoy the freedoms we do today.

Is there still prejudice in America today?

Yes and not only in America

How important are the ideals of the declaration of independence to you today?

How important are the ideals of the declartion of independence to you today?why

What is the important of today?

Today is very important because after few hours, it will become yesterday.