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A soaking tennis ball won't bounce high because it has become water-logged

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how does a tennis balls bounce get affcted by these four things normal ball,wet,oobleck,slime.

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Q: How high will a soaking tennis ball bounce?
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Does soaking a tennis ball in water affect its bounce?

A wet tennis ball is a ruined tennis ball. It does not bounce as high. You can dry a tennis ball quickly by hitting it against a chain-link fence repidly for a little while. Once the ball is dry, then you can use it again.

Why does Tennis Ball bounce?

Tennis balls have a high bounce because the pressure inside the ball is greater then the pressure outside of the ball.

How high will an orange tennis ball bounce?

Color does not affect the bounce. Purple tennis balls bounce as high as green and yellow tennis balls. It really depends on the type of ball.

How high should a tennis ball bounce?

it should bounce high enough to get over the net

How high can a tennis ball bounce?

about 45 to 59 inches high

Does the surface of the ground effect how high a tennis ball will bounce?

A softer ground, such as clay, will decrease the bounce of a tennis ball, a harder ground, such as concrete, will make the ball bounce higher.

How high does a tennis ball bounce on tile?

about 5.6 feet.

Would a tennis ball bounce high on a soft surface?


How many bounces does it take for a tennis ball to lose its bounce?

it depends on how high you bounce it

How does a surface effect how high a tennis ball will bounce?

if it is rough it will bounce lower and it is smooth it will bounce higher

How high will a tennis ball bounce?

Well it depends on the tennis ball and also how high you bounce . You never know . Unless you measure of corse ! Well I guess the world will never know ! Or will it??

How high will a tennis ball bounce when dropped from 5 feet?

15 in.

Which one bounces higher a wet tennis ball or a tennis ball?

a wet tennis ball doesn't bounce as high, so the dry one will bounce higher

How many inches high is the third bounce of a tennis ball?

25 centimeeters

How high will a tennis ball when dropped from 1 meter bounce on tiles?


How does temperature effect how high a tennis ball will bounce?

It will ogoogily boogily poopy

Does a room temperature tennis ball bounce higher then a heated tennis ball?

No, a room temperature ball does not bounce higher than a heated tennis ball. In fact, the heated tennis ball will bounce higher than its room temperature counterpart. This is because tennis balls rely on a high pressure internal pocket of air for their bounce. Heating the tennis ball would increase the pressure of the air inside the ball (pressure varies as temperature) which would cause the tennis ball to bounce higher. This holds (albeit for different reasons) for most solid balls as well, such as baseballs.

Which tennis ball bounces higher a wet tennis ball or a dry tennis ball?

The dry tennis ball will bounce higher, if you use the same amount of force, the wet tennis ball will slide a bit when it hits the ground and bounce lower. In short, the weight of the water will make the tennis ball heavier, with the weight of the water keeping it from bouncing as high.

How high will a tennis ball bounce when its hot?

Should to around 75% of the height that you drop it from.

What effect does the nap felt-yellow fuzz have on how high a tennis ball will bounce?

The more fuzz, the less bounce. The less fuzzy, the higher the bounce.

Does a tennis ball lose its bounce quicker when its wet?

Yes it does, the water accumulates in the ball, which causes it to get heavier and therefore doesn't bounce as high as a normal tennis ball. The ball also tends to slide on the courts when the ball hits the surface when hit with pace.

How high will a tennis ball bounce from 5 ft?

well, it all depends on how dead or new the ball is. If it is fresh, it will bounce about 3 1/2 feet.

If i freeze a tennis ball then it will not bounce as high?

True. Freezing would compress the gas in the ball and reduce the elasticity of the rubber in it.

Why does a heated tennis ball bounce really high?

Tennis balls have pressured air inside of them from the manufacturer. This air on days with higher temperatures will increase and expand this internalized pressure of the ball, thus making the ball more solid and hard. This increases the "bounce" of the ball

Why does a tennis ball lose its bounce when the can is opened?

because it looses all its air so it wont be able to bounce as high as it would normally do.