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well my uncle has a year newer 200 rev and his hits around little over 8000, i believe, but i wasnt staring at the rpm alot, just glanced at it few times going across the lake at max speed. But it also depends on your clutching, weights and such. Hope this helps some, you can also get info from Polaris too.Have fun sleding!

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Q: How high should your 1999 Polaris xc sp rev?
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On the main bearings, you should fall between .001, and .003. If it is high performance, and you are going to rev it, go .002. Looser will rev.

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The 1999 Yamaha Virago XV1100 LCÊdid come with a rev limiter. This means that the RPMs of the vehicle won't go over a set limit.

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On a 1998 Sportsman 500 that I have been working on, if the airbox cover is not on and sealed correctly it won't rev up. I guess it is so tuned that without the cover on it gets too much air.

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It may be that the idle is set at max rpm on your carberator

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