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it all depends on where it is dropped from. acceleration due to gravity is roughly 9.81 m/s squared so it all depends on how high of a point it is dropped from. the higher up it is dropped the higher it will bounce. is an extremely vague question.


Actually, FIFA has this to say about the matter:

"Drop a size 5 ball from a height of 2 metres onto a steel plate and it should bounce back between 115-165 cm."

So, somewhere between a little over half to a little over three-quarters the height of the original drop on a hard surface -- anecdotally. For kids I would err on the under-inflated side to cut down on the severity of ball slap injuries. On the weekend we heard of a 13 year old who sustained a broken arm from an over-inflated (rock hard) soccer ball. Most people don't bother to check the ball properly and usually make the mistake of over-inflation. Correctly inflated balls are legal at 6-8 psi on the low side and 12-15 psi on the high side. I recently had an official reject my game ball because he said it was too soft, when I asked him how many psi the ball was suppose to be he had no answer, so I told him. He gave me a funny look. I changed game balls to a different ball that was inflated to exactly the same psi and the game started.

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it should bounce high enough to get over the net

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Q: How high should a size 5 soccer ball bounce?
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