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Q: How high of an arc has to be on a slow pitched softball?
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Is a softball an arc?


Is there a pitching arc rule in girls 12u fastpitch softball?

No, but there should be.

What is the difference between slow pitch softball and regular softball?

Slowpitch Softball is played using a high-arc pitching technique where the ball slowly falls into the strike-zone. Slowpitch speeds range from 25mph-35mph. Fastpitch Softball a windmill pitching technique is used that increases that speed of the pitch significantly and allows the pitcher to throw different kinds of pitches like drop, rise, curve, screw, and change. Fastpitch speed range from usually 50mph-65mph. The rules are basically the same, minus some variations in batting. In slow pitch if you foul off the third strike you are out. In fastpitch the strike is not called until you swing with no contact with the ball. Both require different equipment. EX:A fastpitch bat is different from a slowpitch bat. Slow Pitch...the coach pitches it and fast of the teammates pitches it! :)

What is Oxidation and scale formation in plasma arc machining?

The reasons for this can be the nozzle is to close to the work, the travel speed is too slow, the amperage is to high or a combination of the three.

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The arc utilized for arc welding is low voltage high current discharge. The voltage required for maintaining an arc is less than for striking the arc. Voltage drops & current increases as the arc is developed. The voltage required to strike DC arc is about 50-55 V & for AC is 80-90 V.It is difficult to maintain the arc with voltage less than 14V or more than 40V.READ ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY BY B L THAREJA / AK THAREJA

When playing arc ball softball batter fouls ball to catcher must ball go certain height for batter to be out?

It has to go above the batter's head.

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High arc baseball pitch?

That's a change-up pitch.

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