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It would Be the regulation size which is about six feet tall

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Q: How high is boys jv volleyball net?
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What is the net height for JV girls volleyball?

7' 4"

Can junior varsity person be on a junior high volleyball team?

a junior can be on the jv volleyball team. You can't when you're a senior

Usually when are high school volleyball practices for the freshmen JV and Varsity teams?

I would say probably week days

Can a sophomore play on a freshman volleyball team?

Nope. Try out for JV.

What are the levels that you play at in volleyball?

freshmen, JV (junior varsity), Varsity varsity is the highest

Is jv volleyball only for freshman?

No. Both sophomores and freshmen play on the junior varsity team.

What is required for JV high school cheer leading?

Every school and jv team is different, you should ask the jv coach, what the requirements are.

Do JV High School Football teams have playoffs?


What grade levels can play on Junior varsity volleyball team?

Generally, for a highschool volleyball team, JV consists of freshman and sophomores. However, exceptions can be made; if a player only starts as a junior, the coach will usually have him/her as a swing, starting on JV and sitting varsity, so that the player can gain experience.

Who has the longest winning streak in BOYS high school basketball?

The longest current streak belongs to Fredericton Highschool JV boys. They were undeafeated for 4seasons and wins of 137. I heard the world record was 158 wins

How much play time can a high school JV player play in a Varsity game to be inelegible to play in JV games?

300 yeras

Can you serve underhand at volleyball tryouts?

== == == == Usually not... but you can if the coach prefer you to also, it depends on how old you are. if you are still jv then it isn't as crucial that you do it overhand

Can a high school varsity player play in a JV game?


Size of JV high school football?

This depends on each school's size.

What is the hoop height 4 jv girls?

The basketball hoop is 10 feet high.

What does JV cheerleading mean?

Jv is composed of freshmen and sophmores.

When was JV's Restaurant created?

JV's Restaurant was created in 1947.

Do you need to have any experience to play high school jv or freshman lacrosse?

It depends on the school, I came in as a freshmen and played jv and the next year I started varsity but my program is not the best

Can a high school soccer player play in JV and varsity games in the same day?


Can a high school senior play on a JV football team per chssa rules?

You cannot

Can I join a high school jv team for volleyball if I'm a junior with no experience?

Of course ! Anyone can play ! But the thing is , you have to make the team . i suggest going to a summer volleyball camp clinic and conditioning session . Volleyball is something that comes naturally to some people and takes years for others so it would be best if you practiced ALOT before try outs because the other people there will mostly know what they are doing and have been playing for years .

What is a freeball in volleyball?

a freeball is when the opposite team does not get a hit, or tip, but instead someone freeballs it over, which means they passed it over with underhand passing. on the other team, the rotation changes when a freeball comes over. Hope this helps! -jv freshman volleyball player

Does Huntington High School in West Virginia have cheerleading?

Yes they have a Varsity and JV squad for Football and Basketball.

What is a good triple jump score for a high school JV athlete?

anything over 40ft to be competetive

What things do you need to know to be on a JV or varsity cheer squad in high school?

how to to to dance (: