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Q: How high has Tom Daley ever dived off?
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What is the highest boad Tom Daley has dived of when he was a child?

The highest is the 10 meter platform. Tom managed this as a child.

How many Olympics has Tom Daley been in?

Tom has Dived in 2 Olympics so far; the Beijing 2008 Olympics and the London 2012 Olympics.

Has Tom Daley ever broken any reccords?


Which high school did Tom Daley?

Plymouth College

What type of diving does Tom Daley do?

High, synchronised.

Which Olympic sport does Tom Daley compete in?

Tom is an Olympic High Diver.

Is tom daley french?

Tom daley the diver is from england. Tom daley the footballer is fom england. Tom daley the baseballer is from california.

When is Tom Daley diving?

He has already dived in the sycronised diving but h dives again in the mens singles final on the 7th of August (Tuesday).

What city is Tom Daley from?

tom daley is from Plymouth

What did Tom Daley do?

tom Daley done diving

Is Tom Daley Spanish?

Tom Daley is British.

What inspired Tom Daley to become a diver?

Tom Daley was inspired by watching the high divers at his swimming pool in Plymouth where he began his career.

Which sport is Tom Daley famous for?

Tom is famous for his High Diving and Synchronised Diving.

What is Tom Daley's sport?

Tom is an Olympic High Diver for Great Britain and England.

Does tom daley have a nick name?

tom daley's nick name is daley mail.

Is Tom daley married?

I s Tom daley married.

What is the name of Tom Daley's high school?

Plymouth College in Plymouth.

Did Tom Daley want to be a diver when he was young?

Yes, ever since he was seven.

Does Tom Daley have a nickname?

He has two. Daley Mail. Tom the Bomb.

Who is Tom Daley's mum?

Tom's mothers name is Debbie Daley.

Why did Tom Daley change his name?

Tom Daley didn't change his name !

What was Tom Daley's dads name?

Tom's dad was named Robert Daley.

Does Tom Daley have a girlfriend?

Tom Daley is currently single but he does have girl-friends.

When was Tom Daley born?

Tom Daley was born on May 21, 1994.

Who is fitter Aston Merrygold or tom daley?

tom daley NOT Aston merrygold