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Most of the time us cheerleaders do jump higher then the football players but sumtimes there is that certain player that can jump higher then us...but usually only without his uniform...=D

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YES!!!! It is a proven fact that cheerleaders are more strong then "most" (by that i mean all) Basketball, softball, Baseball, and also hockey players. If you don't believe me, you better sleep with one eye open cause' the person that invented Cheerleading will get you. (LOL, not really!!)

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12y ago

Cheerleading shoes can help you jump higher if they are of a few characteristics. They should be lightweight, fit you well, etc. Also, you need to emphasize stretching and conditioning on the muscles that are the main reason for your jump's height.

The best brand of Cheerleading shoes are the Nfinity shoes. There is the Nfinity PASSION, Nfinity EVOLUTION, and (by far my favorite) the Nfinity PHOENIX.

They are also a little bit on the more expensive side for some. so some Nike brand shoes are more for some people's budget.

Hope this helped!

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It really depends. Usually, since they are getting thrown up from a base or a few base members they go at different heights. It also depends on age. My ten year old cheerleaders in the club I founded are tossed about 5 feet up from their bases' hands to their hands. From the ground to their hands that would be about 8-10 feet. Personally being a flyer it really depends on your confidence on how high you can go.

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Q: How high do cheerleaders get tossed in the air?
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