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I'm not really sure. it shouldn't be able to bounce back up very high when dropped since baseballs don't have a very high elasticity (bouncyness)

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 23:48:30
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Q: How high can a baseball bounce?
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How high does a baseball bounce when dropped?


How high should a baseball bounce?

18 feet.

Does a baseball bounce?

No a baseball is to heavy to bounce.

How high will a basketball bounce if it has oxygen in it?

how High will a basket ball bounce if it has oxygen in it

How high will a ball bounce?


How high should a tennis ball bounce?

it should bounce high enough to get over the net

How high can a kickball bounce?

very high!

How does air pressure effect the bounce of a basketball?

the ball wont bounce high enough for you to bounce it.

Can a trampoline bounce?

teah they can, they can bounce as high as the sky, i saw it myself

Why do basketballs bounce the highest?

they have lots of air in them so they can bounce high

How does a surface effect how high a tennis ball will bounce?

if it is rough it will bounce lower and it is smooth it will bounce higher

How is Spaldeen different then from a baseball?

It's a smaller and softerball. It is generally pink and high bounce. Very similar to a racketball.

How high does a cranberry have to bounce to harvest it?

Cranberries have to bounce 4 inches to be used.

Can you bounce a ball on the moon?

yes but it would bounce wikid high(no gravity)

How high can a ball bounce in a warm atmosphere?

bounce a ball and you'll find out

Why do ping pong balls bounce high?

They bounce so high because it is a thin material and ther is a lot of air in them

How high will an orange tennis ball bounce?

Color does not affect the bounce. Purple tennis balls bounce as high as green and yellow tennis balls. It really depends on the type of ball.

If you bounce a cool bell will it bounce high or low?

it will bounce away because youre a freak asking a question like that.

How high does a basketball bounce when dropped from 5 feet?

The basketball would bounce 25 in.

How many bounces does it take for a tennis ball to lose its bounce?

it depends on how high you bounce it

Does the size of the ball effect how high it bounces?

I don't believe so. Think of a basketball and a super ball. (I know, this is for example) Both of them bounce super high, and a baseball doesn't bounce. I think it depends on the air inside of it and not the size. Basketballs have air, super balls too, footballs bounce a little also.

Does the weight of a bounce ball have an effect on how high it will bounce?

yes because the more the air the higher the ball will bounce and the less the air and the lower the balls will bounce

How does density effect the bounce of a ball?

If the balls weight is heavy it will not bounce as high but if the ball is lighter it will have more of a Chance to bounce higher.

How high can a soccer ball bounce?

It can't.

What makes a golf ball bounce high?

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How high does a baseball bounce when dropped?

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