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Events at the Olympics are performed on a three meter springboard and a ten meter platform.

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13 or 15

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Q: How high are olympic pool diving platforms?
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How deep is the Olympic pool for high diving in Beijing?

5 or 6 meters

What is the average temperature of olympic diving pool?


What are the fountains for in an Olympic diving pool?

You usually see them in diving competitions. The water spouting into the pool gives the divers perspective on the distance to the surface of the pool.

What do you watch in an olympic swimming pool?

Swimming races and diving

How high is an Olympic high dive platform from platform to pool?

3m Springboard is 3m 5m springboard is 5m 10m Platform is 10m

What is the little pool used for in olympic diving?

To keep the swimmers warm. The large pool is cold

How deep is olympic diving pool?

six feet at 7 inch minimun

Why is there a spa pool in the Olympic aquatics centre that everyone goes into after diving?

keep from cramping

What kind of water is in olympic diving pool?

chlorinated fresh water (not salt water )

Is it possible to design an olympic diving pool in a shape of 8 polygon?

I think u can do it

Why is the temp cold in Olympic diving pool?

It's not cold actually the rules mandate that the pool be 79 degrees F

Which Olympics has Tom Daley competed in?

Tom is famous for his High Diving and Synchronised Diving.