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Q: How heavy must a football be for a premier league match?
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Have the BBC ever shown a live Premier League football match?


What date is the first premier league football match for 2009-10?

Saturday 15th August 2009

Can you buy season tickets for the premier league still or is it too late?

Are you looking to watch the next premier league football match live in England? Book your tickets with the Premier League Tour to get exciting offers and discounted prices.

Has there ever been a league football match played without any corners being taken?

chelsea vs wigan - premier league 2009

Football predictor software?

I believe there's recently been technology called the 'Powerleague' which predicts English Premier League match outcomes.

What are the result of the Football Premier League match May 5 2008?

The score in the Premier League on the 5th, May 2008 was ;Newcastle United 0 - 2 Chelsea FC.Scorer: Ballack (60)Scorer: Malouda (81)Attendance: 52305

How many cameras cover a premier league match?


Could you tell mewho has won themost consecutive league wins in the premier league?

arsenal football club went a whole season without loosing a premier league match . so about 40 macthes without loosing. and i think that was in 02-03 season or 03-04 season .

What was the first premier league match?

everton vs west ham

Who has scored 4 goals in a premier league match?

Alan Sherer

When will wolves play there 1st match in the premier league?

2009 and 2010

Is the fa cup same as fa community shield?

No The Community Shield Is an Annual Football (Soccer) Match held each August at Wembley (Villa Park in 2012 Due To The Olympics) between the winners of the Premier League and FA Cup. If The Same Team Wins The FA Cup and The Premier League the Premier League Runner-Ups Will Take Part.