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it hasnt.

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Q: How has wheelchair basketball been adapted from the full version of the game?
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How has basketball been adapted for different contexts?

Basketball has been adapted in a number of different ways for different contexts. For example basketball has been adapted to be played by people who are wheelchair bound.

How long has wheelchair basketball been around?

It was known as wheel chair netball when it first came out in 1944.

What is the name of the sports that has been adapted for disabled in a different level of competition?


How do you play wheelchair basketball?

Wheelchair basketball is basketball played by people in wheelchairs and is considered one of the major disabled sports practiced.Wheelchair basketball retains most major rules and scoring of basketball, and maintains a 10-foot basketball hoop and standard basketball court. The exceptions are rules which have been modified with consideration for the wheelchair. For example, "travelling" in wheelchair basketball occurs when the athlete touches his wheels more than twice after receiving or dribbling the ball. The individual must pass, bounce or shoot the ball before touching the wheels again.Wheelchair basketball, based on the sport of basketball, introduces some adaptations to reflect the use of the wheelchair in the game, and to harmonize the different levels of disabilities players have.All teams which compete above a recreational level use a classification system to evaluate the functional abilities of players on a point scale of 1 to 4.5. Minimally disabled athletes are classified as a 4.5, and an individual with the highest degree of disability (such as a paraplegic with a complete injury below the chest) would have the classification of 1.0. In places where teams are integrated, non disabled athletes compete as either a 4.5 in Canada or a 5.0 in Europe. Non-disabled athletes are not allowed to compete internationally.Classification is an international regulation for playing wheelchair basketball, where competitions restrict the number of points allowable on the court at one time. The five players from each team on the court during play may not exceed a total of 14 points you can also visit for more info about basketball.

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Is Doug E Doug in a wheelchair?

He is and has been since 1942.

When did basketball become netball?

It didn't. Basketball has always been basketball, netball has always been netball. Netball developed from basketball in the 1890s.

What sports have been adapted for disability?

Sports such as basketball and track have been modified so that an impaired person in a wheel chair could play basketball and "run" track.Not only people wheel chairs, but for people who can't use their real legs. Also, new sports have been created especially for impaired individuals not that I know the names of the sports though.

How long has basketball been around?

the origin of basketball has been around since 1891.

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which mens basketball team has been to the final four the most?

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