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Many sports have now become professional, lots of top sportspeople now endorse sports products through high paying sponsorship deals. But now that sports are more professional it means that they have become more elitist and means that it puts more strain on the bodies of sportspeople

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Q: How has sports changed since 1963?
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How have sports changed since ancient Athens?

Many sports have changed since the ancient Athens but the sport that is still played today from the Athens is basketball. Believe it or not, a similar sport to basketball was played during the Athens.

Since the first Olympics has any of the sports changed?

hi how WA doing

How have games changed since the 1900?

of course games have changed since the 1900. Sports have become more orgainized and better understood by one. Some of the sports that where played back then have the same names but are actually played somewhat different.

How has women's college sports has changed since Title IX?

its given women the opportunity to compete in sports and be considered somewhat equal to men

Have the sports in the Olympics ever changed since it was first played?

sure such as the allowing of woman to participate in the mid 20th century

How has Fox Sports changed sports commenting in general?

Fox Sports have changed sport commenting in many different ways. The Fox Sports commentators have better sound and can commentate better with better skills at it.

When was Westfields Sports High School created?

Westfields Sports High School was created in 1963.

When was Mukura Victory Sports FC created?

Mukura Victory Sports FC was created in 1963.

How has health changed since 1900?

how has health care changed since the 1900s

When was North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame created?

North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame was created in 1963.

What sports have changed to attract more people?

Baseball hyas changed in many ways, in yet so has football. Many sports have improved over years.

How old are lamborghinis?

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