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discrimination is the biggest thing

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Q: How has religion had an impact on sport?
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Why was the gods honored with sport?

It was part of there religion

How did religion impact daily life at Mexico?

Question is not clear. Which religion, and when?

What is the impact of Virginia?

freedom of religion

What sport do South Americans like best?

Futbol - Soccer - Football of course. It is not a sport, its a religion.

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What decision made by Theodosius had a big impact on roman religion?

The decision to make Christianity the official religion of the empire and its subsequent banning of all pagan worship had the big impact on Roman religion.

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What religion had a major impact Italian culture?

catholics :)

What religion had a major impact on italian culture?

catholics :)

How has religion impact on the American way life?

Racism :)

Is religion the strongest impact of a persons actions?

That and emotions.

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The Montreal Impact play Canadian professional soccer.