How good is byu football?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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Q: How good is byu football?
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When was BYU Cougars football created?

BYU Cougars football was created in 1922.

Does BYU have the most NCCA football titles?

No, Alabama does. BYU has only one.

When is the Byu vs Utah football game 2009?

Saturday at 3:00 pm. Its at the byu

Who are the officials of the UW vs BYU football game of 2008?

UW won the Bowl game! (not BYU) SO SAD! I LOVE BYU!

When was the BYU Cougars first football season?

BYU's first season of football was 1922 when they went 1-5 under head coach Alvin Twitchell.

Are all of the BYU football players virgins?


What was the BYU vs csu football score nov 3 2007?

BYU 35 Colorado State 16

How young do you have to be to play college football?

Age does not matter. If you are good enough and have years of eligibility left, you can play. Look at Chris Weinke and BYU.

What is the BYU Cougars football stadium called?

Lavell Edwards Stadium

What college football team in Utah is most popular?

Cougars. They have BYU Idaho and BYU Hawaii and the central BYU in Utah that all help them grow more popular. Plus, they are said to have more tradition and more entertaining football games.

Are BYU sports tickets sold in family packs during football season?

No they do not as they have no reason to. BYU football games are one of the most popular events in the state and most games will be a sellout so they have no need to discount.

Is BYU better than university of utah?

YES! byu gets better scores and has great teachers from everywhere in the nation. They also have a better football program.