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he is so good:) :( :) :( :) :( :) :( :) :( :) :( :) : ( : ) ?

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โˆ™ 2012-02-25 03:35:23
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Q: How good is Mario Lemieux at playing hockey?
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Did Mario Lemieux got to university?

He never attended university. He dropped out of high school in eleventh grade.

How old was Mario lemieux when he retired?

Mario Lemieux was 32 when he first retired in 1997. He came back to the league in 2000 and retired for good in 2006 at the age of 40.

Who is Sidney Crosby's friends?

Mario Lemieux and him are good pals Sid is also pals with his team

Will Mario beat Bowser?

Depends on how good you are at the Mario game you are playing.

What are the health benefits for playing ice-hockey?

sports is good for our health

Is playing hockey good for you?

Hockey requires physical movement and is a great form of exercise, which is necessary to leading a healthy lifestyle.

Who was the oldest hockey player to play in NHL history?

Gordie Howe, player who played with his sons Wayne Gretzky, the legend of hockey Sergei Fedorov, good-looking rookie to great player Stevie Y(Steve Yzerman), powerful player The Magnificent one(Mario Lemieux), hero to the Penguins Jaromir Jagr, great at one- on-ones Junho Kim(me), Peewee player who is awesome at one-timers and Snipes

What are risks of playing hockey?

it can be pretty bad. if you don't mess with the defense or are a good skater you'll be fine.

Was ice hockey a mens game or women played it too?

At first, ice hockey was a men's game but women started playing and got very, very good at it. So good that, starting in 1998, women's hockey became an event in the Winter Olympics.

What is good about hockey?

Everything is good about hockey its fun to watch and there are some good fighting

What are some tips on playing ice hockey?

You should be on the team with the most goals.and have sex with the goalie for good luck

How good is Anthony Kapelke at hockey?

He is the epitome of hockey.

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