How good are wethepeople bmx?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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Q: How good are wethepeople bmx?
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Are wethepeople a good bmx bike?

Wethepeople bmx bikes are excellent, probably the best

Is a you the people addict a good bmx?

It's WeThePeople, not you the people. And it's alright, yeah.

What does WTP stand for?

The bmx company wethepeople

How much is the wethepeople justice bmx bike?

go on to this website called wiggle the bmx is on a sale 4 £260

What content can one find on the Wethepeople BMX website?

On the Wethepeople BMX website, one can find reviews and comparison of bicycles by specifications, components, frame material, price, etc, as well as the latest news in the circle.

Who are the best bmx people in the world?

team - wethepeople person - mike aitken

Are wethepeople bikes good?

Wethepeople bicycles are a brand that has been around for long enough to be an established name in BMX cycles. The quality of a BMX is subject to the value and quality of it's parts. Most avid BMX riders will have replaced the majority of the parts to suit their needs over time and the frame is the only part which remains to define the brand of the bicycle. At the top end of the range Wethepeople frames are perfectly respectable and have a good reputation for quality and service. The rest is personal preference in size, shape and characteristics.

Is salt a good bmx make?

yes i love tht make wethepeople use it and salt plus it even better hope i helped :)

Are opollo bmx bikes good?

Apollo bmx bikes are not the best, but if you're just starting off they're ok. However, if you're at a decent level of bmx and you have the money, you might want to go for a wethepeople, hoffman, mongoose, archos, mafia, haro, or even make your own custom bmx

What is the best size bmx for my 7 year old?

If you want a cheap and alright bmx get him a mongoose or a gt. If you want to get him a really good bike get him a wethepeople, colony or Sunday. The wethepeople Sunday and colony will all cost at least $450. It also depends if he is going to be riding at skate parks or on the street or offroad. The more expensive BMXes i said are more for street and skate parks. But dk's are pretty good for offroad.

How heavy is a Wethepeople Arcade BMX?

i have one of these they arnt the lightest in the world but i think its about on a scale to 1-10 about 6.5-7

What is the most high end BMX bike company out there?

The best BMX Brands that mass produce thier bikes are probobly WeThePeople and Sunday Bikes. There are, however many companies out there that make even better BMXes but they are not very well known.