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BlackEdge blades merely add a surface treatment consisting of carbon to the outside of the metal. The process is called carburization (or, the metal is carburized); easily looked-up on-line. This makes the outside surface harder to hold a sharp edge longer. That means more ice time between sharpening (if you don't damage the blades somehow, like stepping on rock...).

The carburization process is ancient (a variation was used on the original Samurai swords) and has been used for decades on gear teeth used in machinery and other metal surfaces subjected to wear in machines.

The hype about "carbon" being a special addititive is misleading--steel has carbon in the mix, otherwise, it would be iron--an ancient recipe (also, stainless steel is "stainless" by the addition of chromium and nickel).

Adding more carbon ONLY makes the surface harder. Steel, typical blade or hardened, is so much harder than ice that the performance is indistinguishable and impossible to discern -- certainly much less so than the changes in the ice between resurfacing and the end-game when its gotten chewed up & snowy. In other words, this is a gimmick product providing some marginal reduction in skate sharpenings (by holding an edge longer) that might over the long term lead to off-setting cost savings. That is the ONLY physically possible benefit.

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Q: How good are blackedge blades for hockey skates?
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Hockey "skates" need to have steel blades for ice hockey or urethane [plastic] wheels for roller hockey. The boot part of the skate should have good support for the ankle and be made sturdy enough to protect the foot from the impact of pucks and hockey sticks.

How to Choose Hockey Skates That Fit Correctly?

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Which pair of ice hockey skates would be best for playing indoors?

Ice hockey skates are, for the most part, relatively the same in terms of comfort regardless of brand; what your paying for is durability, and with that in mind, the best advice I can give is that you get what you pay for! Bauer and Reebok both offer good quality skates at a good price.

Do online stores sell hockey skates?

You can go to EBay or Amazon where you will find an array of hockey skates to suit your needs! Alternatively, you should drop into your local sports shops where your sure to get some good advice!

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Are hockey skate weights good for kids?

Hockey Skate making companies do ALOT of research, so chances are that the skates are the perfect weight for kids, or close to it.

Which are the best skates for beta level figure ice skating?

short booted leather skates. normally its good to eventually get them personally made so that the heel can be measured to your height and it will make it easier on your back. its good to get new blades every year or also if your going to a long term commitment to your skates

what are the best brands of ice skates recommended for hockey players?

Bauer Flexlite skates are good.They are at a very good price too. Different stores have different brands and with different prices. They vary from cheap to very expensive.

If i am 61 how tall of a hockey stick should i have?

A hockey stick should be measured and chosen when you have your skates on, or unless you have good judgment because a hockey stick should be no lower than your nose level( with your skates on). And its how ever you feel comfortable with your stick your the one who's gonna play with it. Its good to have the stick a little bit long so you have a nice long reach for the puck while not getting to close to the player with the puck -but- then again not too long.(:

Are the nike Bauer supreme 70 skates good?

When it comes to hockey equipment, you get what you pay for! The better skates are going to cost you. You also have to figure how many times do you play, and how much you want to spend. Do your homework before you buy anything.

Is it cheaper to buy new hockey skates, or get the old ones repaired?

You should check around online. checking local stores will also get you some good deals. There are many places which sell very nice skates for low prices.

Are Riedell 225 TS figure skates right for me I can do waltz jumps One foot spins salchows lutzs and flips Are the Riedell 225 TS figure skates and Quest Onyx blades good skates for my level?

Those boots and blades should work for you, as long as you've decided you want to skate on a regular basis. If you're only skating every once in a while, I'd recommend the 229TS or the 133TS, as they're a bit less expensive. If you're anywhere near working on an axel, those boots and blades will be perfect.