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Q: How good are ManUnited?
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What is a umpire's responsibility in badminton?

manunited manunited manunited

Who is famous from manunited?

of course its c.ronaldo

Dwight who is better manunited or Liverpool?

MANUNITED are better end off. Liverpool suck poo!!!! lol unlucky Dwight

Are Liverpool better than manunited?


Is Cristiano Ronaldo moving back to manunited?

No he is not

How many times have manunited scored arsenal?


Who is going to win the champions league tonight?


Who is better manunited of Liverpool?

I think it is Manchester United.

Who are David Beckham and Wayne Rooney?

Footballers,Wayne Rooney plays for ManUnited and David Becham plays for L.A. Galexy but he used to play for ManUnited too.

What is the relationship between the melting point of an oil and how unsaturated it is?


How many goals has Wayne Rooney scored for manunited?


How many manunited goals has roy keane scored?

33 33

Which spanish defender played both for Barcelona and ManUnited?

Gerard Pique

How many goals scored Rooney For manunited?

in 222 games he has scored 111

Which dutch striker played both for ManUnited and Real Madrid?

Van Nistelrooy

Which dutch footballer played both for ManUnited and Real Madrid?

Ruud Van Nistelrooy

How old is Ryan gigs?

He is 38 going on 39 years of age n it's the manunited gigs

How many times has manunited won the FA cup?

Manchester United have won the F.A 11 , eleven times.

How many trophies manunited won altogether?

Throughout their time, Man-United have won a total of 61 trophies.

How many goals has Rooney scored for manunited?

Wayne Rooney has scored 136 goals in 264 appearances as of December 21,2012.

Will manunited win the league?

Manchester united has no chance to win this year because they are crap! Chelsea or Manchester city will win!

I live in Ireland and am looking to buy tickets to the Manunited V Aston Villa match where can you get tickets at a reasonable price.?

From old traffordManchesterFooty stadium!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How many goals has cronaldo for manunited?

As of the 12th of March 2008, 80 goals, and he has done this in 225 games - a goals to game ratio of 0.356, which some strikers would envy

How is a bettter team manunited or liverpoool?

Historically, Man Utd have a more successful record than Liverpool domestically, but Liverpool have tasted more success in European club competition.

Who is the most successful english football club?

it is manunited because they have 20 league cups while liverpool have 18. they also have a wider fan base around the world compared to liverpool. they have also been ontop of liverpool for a number of seasons.