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Well considering he used to be number 1 in the world, I would say quite good.

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Q: How good a tennis player is Lleyton Hewitt?
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Is Roger Federer a good tennis player?

Yes, he is very good. Many consider him the best tennis player of all time.

Is Venus Williams a good tennis player?


What part of speech is of tennis?

Adjective or noun. It is an adjective if you say, "Alex is a good tennis player." because it modifies player. It is a noun if you say "I play tennis."

How do you be a good tennis player?

Practicing a lot, because tennis is one of the most techinic sports.

In tennis what is the meaning of a 'seeded player'?

What rank the player is in the world or most likely the tournament. This is chosen by how good their world ranking is. They also take into account past performance, as well as how good the player is on the surface - e.g. in 2005, Andy Roddick was ranked lower than Lleyton Hewitt, but he was seeded 2nd ahead of Hewitt (Federer was obviously seeded first), due to his success at the tournament the previous year (reached the final), and his success on the grass courts at Queens. Seeded players earn a 'seed number' by having a high ranking/good record. The seed 'number' is awarded based on the expectation (usually based on rankings) which indicate how the player might perform in this tournament. The 1 seed would be expected to win the tournament and is usually the highest ranked of all the players in the tournament. The number of seeds in a tournament depends on the number of competitors.

Is aoife berwick a good tennis player?

Aoife is a very talented player.

Is paul Justin James a good tennis player?


What is important about a tennis ball for a tennis player?

The tennis ball needs to have a very good bounce so that the player can hit it most times it comes to them it also needs to be firm

How long will it take to become a tennis player if you train once a week?

LLLLLOOOOOOOONNNNGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!! You have to train every day for a few hours for quite a while to become a tennis player! IF you wanna become a tennis player then i wish you good luck

Was Sally Ride a really good football player?

No, she only played Tennis...

What is the best tennis racquet on the market?

it depends on what works for you, but the number one tennis player, Novak Djokovic uses the head tennis racket, and it works really good for him.

Did William Taft have a favorite sport?

Yes he did, it was baseball. He was also a good tennis player.

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