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Q: How gold medals has Stephanie rices won?
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How many gold medals did Stephanie Rice won at the Beijing Olympics?

3 Gold Medals

How many Olympic gold medals has Stephanie Rice won?

she has won 3 gold medals and i went to the olympic games in 2008

How did Stephanie rice do in 2008 olympic?

she won three gold medals

How Many Medals did Stephanie Rice Win In the commonwealth games?

Stephanie Rice won 2 gold medals in Commonwealth games.

What has Stephanie Rice done?

won three gold medals at the Beijing Olympics

How many medals did Stephanie rice win?

Stephanie Rice has won 20 Medals altogether. I don't know how many is Gold, silver or bronze.

How many gold medals has Stephanie Rice won in her history of swimming?

Stephanie Rice has won 5 gold medals in major tournaments. 3 in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and 2 at the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games

Who is Stephanie rice?

Stephanie Rice is an Australian swimmer who won 3 gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Has Stephanie rice claimed the most Olympic medals for Australia in 2008?

No. Stephanie Rice's three gold medals was the most gold an Australian athlete won but her total of three medals (she won all three events she was entered in) was bettered by Libby Trickett who won 4 total medals (2 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze).

What kind of medals did Stephanie Rice won like Gold Silver or Bronze?

3 gold including the 1 won today in the womens relay.

Who won the gold medals?

Your mom won the gold medals.

What is Stephanie rice's greatest achievement?

Stephanie Rice is a swimmer from Australia. Her greatest achievement is that in the 2008 Olympics, she won 3 gold medals.

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